Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Okay, NOW We Meet the Fourth Dimensional Man... 8/6/14

They dressed for the occasion, quite aware of the fact that they'd seem little more than two dimensional photographs to this erudite, far traveled being. 

Sarah, slightly intimidated by the whole thing, saved her new eighteenth century garments for later, preferring her natural attire... Tomas too... So they both made do with tailored jeans and white, cotton shirts. That which is familiar provides security. Billy wanted to wear his new suede, knee britches. You know the type. Wears his new sneakers home from the store and all. Luna didn't care one way or the other. Not like she's ever gonna 'get' with him. Put on a good bra though, 
'cause she IS still vain. Doctor Franklin did a mix and match...  black wool knee britches, a deep green Philadelphia Eagles sweatshirt and a good pair of Rock Port walking shoes. One sees things like that on the streets of Baby Philadelphia.... street entertainers, fire breathers, in cargo shorts and poofy shirts.... tavern wenches resembling nothing so much as  mid-eighties Madonnas.... small children sporting a Little Rascals meets the Seven Dials ensemble. I guess it reflects creativity and diversity... But as the lunar generations unfold, that won't necessarily be so. If people become used to seeing things that way, it's no longer new. It's just what is.

Well, let me tell you about that fourth dimensional guy. Think they call him Biff. And here's how 4D people diverge from you 3D bastids. Think of it this way. Imagine if at every instant of your life, you occupied every place you'd ever be in your life... a nebulous, misty, web weaving together your spot on the rug in kindergarten... the path you take when you walk the dog... all the toilets you ever sat on... If your body EVER passed through it, you (at all times) occupy it.... even if somebody else has occupied it too.

The entire population of 4D world forms a nuanced melange... a gumbo of unique personalities able to see into and all over everyone else. Though their focus of orientation can zoom in on particular areas at any time. 

3D people, on the other hand, only interact with the point in the universe they happen to be in at any one time. 4D people can talk to us, but move items far, far away. They can drink coffee in your kitchen, operate a bus and deliver baby tigers in India... Or just drift and observe... Que sera, sera.

In some ways, a bit like Olympian Deities. 

And all inanimate matter in 4D world operates the same way. Each planet forms a torus around its star. Each star forms a torus around the center of its galaxy. Errant comets and asteroids only add to the confusion in a burning bush of creation spanning eternity. 

Gee, what do you serve a bastid from some place like that?

Hope (when they focus) they don't look like bugs.

Doctor Franklin leads his group down the street. He hails a cab... a rather Dr. Seuss looking affair that takes them to a little place out in the country. 

They exit and snake down a leafy glade  toward a hidden cave. A soft, misty brightness rolls out to meet them. Billy's sorry he wore those suede britches, 'cause now he's starting to sweat.

Sarah says she hears some kind a show tunes playing inside. Luna says she smells farts. Tomas whispers an old Hebrew prayer. Franklin chuckles.

They step inside.


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