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You have to break through one of the coffins to gain entrance. But they already did that eons ago. Tomas sat there with the others. He likes elferinos (pubescent vampires). How basic. How trusting. How innocent they are. Yet each has certain heightened abilities due to the raging hormones coursing through their bodies at the time of 'inclusion.' They fly... true flight... Peter Pan flight, though infinitely faster. Other vampires 'sublimate,' traveling through matter, even air, while elfin-folk need no quantum construct. The vacuum of space is no barrier to them. Albion has seen the lakes of Titan. How did he stay warm in the glass-like frigidity of such a foreign place? It's a mystery. No one knows. You could ingest every word in LA CIENCIA VAMPIRISMO and not find it. Night-folk keep their secrets well. And I know you're seen some lesser secrets here, but please don't think yourself an 'adept,' for 'lesser' is the operative word. 

Celeste prepares a hookah. She fills the four hundred year old, hand blown glass chamber with rose water and a certain tincture made from the blood of (unknown donors), lights the fire and waits. Then she attaches the pipes and beckons the others. Each draws in the sweet and pungent vapors. They sit there on the packed earth floor, lost in the darkness, beneath the crumbling bones of nineteenth century robber barons 'sleeping' up above. 

Tomas says - I can't go on like this.

Marianne (sighs) - I thought you valued mortality?

Tomas - I do... but not for me. I have seen into... I don't know what to call it... 'the fourth dimension?'... And not just in that cave, that grotto, near Baby Philadelphia... not just in the moon... Everything has been like that since my 'inclusion.' A 'life' with few barriers. You know what it's like.

The others say nothing, but he sees their faces in the glow emanating out from under the ancient, Turkish water pipe. They know. He can tell. Elferinos know a lot. Some they don't understand. Yet that doesn't mean they don't feel it.

Marianne says - Is he here? Can you sense him?

Tomas shrugs. Marianne crumbles dried leaves and sprinkles them into the bubbling liquid. Roland draws first. He likes herbs. Not all herbs. Just certain ones. They say he spent his first years in Brazil.

Marianne ~ Take some, Tomas. It helps. Maybe you'll 'feel' something. 

Tomas - Vampires don't need that.

Marianne - You're not a vampire yet.

He breaks down and cries. Marianne embraces him.

Tomas sniffs. He mumbles something - Scottosh beedosh. Beedosht boposht. Boposht skeetosht... Then he just stares...

Albion - What was that?

Tomas - I don't know... I used to know.. but I don't anymore. I don't know what's real. I don't know what's not real... (laughs) I like peanut butter though. I know that...

Celeste - We'll find him. We'll find 'Papa.' We'll get him back...

Tomas nods. Then he tears up some more.... They hear an explosion off in the distance. Street battles between various factions happen all the time. No one says a word.

Then Roland says - They killed a vampire yesterday. I didn't see it, but a lady on a 'bus' (open air trucks) told me. A 'wild' vampire he was. Nobody controlled him. No warlords, I mean. They sealed him in a glass cube... more like a rectangle I guess it was. I think they embed thin strands of lead in that glass to keep them in. Wheeled him out to the middle of LOVE Park (where the original 60's LOVE statue is)... and left him there til the sun came up.... He, uh, boiled. Flesh fell right off the bones... a pink, soupy mess, bubbling away at the bottom.... They clapped and danced jigs. The people, I mean... the mortal people.... Rectangle thing's still there, if you wanna go see.

Celeste - I hate this world.

Tomas chuckles - Anybody got any peanut butter?

The five friends instinctively huddle together, as another explosion rumbles through the night...

<more about the being known as "Papa' next time>


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