Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: LIFE AFTER BURIAL <~~~ a buried alive tale from our early days...think 19 people saw it back then.. 9/16/14

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: LIFE AFTER BURIAL: Lorenzo railed in the darkness, smashing his arms against the thick, unforgiving, oak walls. The casket was small , designed for a corpse,...

We had a wide assortment of characters and directions in the early days.. Here's a bit of LORENZO and KADEEMA .. a pair of 'noxious' vampires...rapacious in every way... Please click on that LIFE AFTER BURIAL line up above... This isn't the post, just the link to it... Please click that line and see.

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Back to our tale ( Tomas returns to vampirism a second time) tomorrow.

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See, what happened was I spent too much time on Twitter and then it got too late to post. Plus I get so tired lately... And I'm bummed out 'cause them aliens ain't been back in SO long. And I haven't been off this planet in months.

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