Thursday, September 11, 2014

Phil Collins - A Groovy Kind Of Love (Live in New York 1990).. And EDITH MAKES TOMAS A VAMPIRE FOR ONE NIGHT... 9/12/14

She knew he wanted it. She knew he wanted it real bad. The sun was starting to come up. Sky was still gray. Air kind of damp. Morning's always damp in The Pines. Got that rich, loamy  soil thing going on. Good place for planting bodies. ... They sat on the porch. Edith rocking back and forth. Tomas sweating. She grinds coffee beans in an old fashioned grinder. Still got supplies in The Pines. Trade stuff with rich folks holed up down the shore. Rich folks get them from boats that come down from Canada. Yeah, things are falling apart, but they still got nodes of near normalcy scattered around.

Tomas goes - You can do it. I know you can do it. Throw a hoo-doo. Skrall me real good. I don't care. I don't care if it hurts. Do the magic. Say what you know. Kill a chicken. Kill a rabbit. Please. Please. Please. Look, I can't talk. My throat's so sore. Please...

And then he just looks at her...

Edith, former 'housekeeper' to a pack of night-folk in Center City, Philadelphia and Pine Barrens 'witchy woman' of the first rank, puts down the grinder, looks right at him and sighs. She goes - Sun's up. You can't be no life-eater (politically correct term) when the sun's up.

TOMAS - I'll wait. I'll wait. So, I'll wait. Do it later. I'll sleep. I'll rest. I'll work in the mushroom caves (more like hand excavated mines). I'll play Monopoly Junior with Mister Edith. Who the hell cares!? (shudders) I wanna kill tonight. I wanna kill somebody real bad.

EDITH - Who you gonna kill 'round here? You got 'the visions?'

TOMAS sniffs and shrugs.

EDITH - (shakes her head) Want me to try an' find 'Papa?'

TOMAS bites at a fingernail and shrugs some more.

EDITH - Tomas... you alright?

TOMAS - Yes, I'm alright. I'm fine.... I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine.

EDITH - Then why you sweatin' so much?... You know you stink a little bit.

TOMAS - You think I don't know that? God, I hate this 'human' crap.... (starts shaking his knee... remaining coffee beans vibrate in the bowl).

EDITH - You used to idolize it... no, romanticize it. Talked about it all the time. Hugged a sofa cushion to your chest when you did it. Rocked back and forth. Cried a little... What happened?

He gives her a look, like how can she not know that. Then he slumps and closes his eyes.... She studies him. That second body they gave him looks just like him... the first one, I mean. Got the same, long, lose curly hair... fine features. He knows it too... the neck... the jaw... Don't know if that second body started out Spanish/Sephardic, like he is, but... it is now.

Then she see a tear drippin' down his face... that 'eighteen' year old face (second body more like twenty eight, but to Edith they both look young).

EDITH - (whispers) I'll do it... I'll throw a hoo-doo.

TOMAS - (still comatose) And I'll be a vampire?

EDITH - Look, I gotta tell you one thing. Magic ain't the same as real. We can go woo-woo-woo with' all them atoms and all, but it don't last forever. Not like real, 'cause it ain't real. Things snap back. They go. They drift.... That's why Cinderella got a curfew, honey.

TOMAS - (opens his eyes and sits up) I don't care. One night. Just one night. Give me one night. Better that way. We can find 'Papa' later and I can be the life-eater' I'm supposed to be. But just later. Just tonight. OK? (knee starts shakin' again... beans start jumpin') I gotta kill somebody. I just gotta do it.

EDITH - (quietly) Who you gonna kill? (then she gets it) You gone make vampire love to somebody, ain't you?

TOMAS - (shrugs and bites his nail) What d'you care?

She starts grindin' them beans again and shakes her head.... He exhales with relief.

Crows caw, as the sun's rays break through, gilding the scene in the small forest clearing with crisp, orange light. 

And as the camera rises and pulls away, revealing daybreak in The Pines, Phil Collins begins to sing...


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