Sunday, September 21, 2014


Our narrative story continues later tonight. This is something else. I happened to see a post that said sharing easily clickable links to other people's sites on our blogs and websites increases Google Page Ranking, a very important variable, for both, provided the other people retweet YOU as well.

Some of these links are to blogs/websites, some are to Twitter. All are interesting. Actually, most that go up tonight will probably be Twitter links, because they're easier to remember and every time I struggle too remember stuff the tips of my ears catch fire. Good party stunt. They laugh. I scream.

OK, here goes. Check them out. Share a few. Hopefully the whole list. If this works, by next week, we all gonna be on <~~ and that's the first one. naughty, crime Brit books by Andrew Harding an assortment of cool PICKET FENCES type stuff by John L. Harmon wit and wisdom from Lita Ann and she knows everybody the NEXT BIG THING in graphic novels and comics. You gotta see this Vicki helms one of the most popular media salons (events with celebrity guests) in L.A... Everybody goes. Make contacts. L.A. and NYC filmmaker with REAL CREDITS! look for curtisimages... really cool photographer.. highly collectible. ...popular historical fiction. 19th century America and more. maximize your visibility... they know all the cozy stuff you like to buy for your house. Barb knows... quantum sci-fi and related fantasy of the highest order. intriguing material... naughty but nice, romance, paranormal and more. lots to see... lot a good stuff. Tara knows everybody. you should know her ...also look for her at TaraLConklin/, but I don't know why. My PC won't let me put up links to tumblr (they do to Twitter though?) horror fans will want to hook up with this Eli Roth endorsed site, especially creative horror fans and what goes for the entry right above this goes for this one two music, comedy, film and more. a secret Lord of The theater. Go and TALK! knows a lot, into the arts, creative and communicates. Go see~> lots of useful, information packed books helpful to artists and business people. Go interact with him. And check out his site at he REALLY lived this adventure. it HAPPENED. Go see~~> Ms Kaye is up on everything and very wise too. strike up a conversation! Go see what the WELL KNOWN Rob Thomas has to say. Communicate! Talk back! musician, commentator, industry journalist & writer...REAL CREDS. Go see~> writes rock and roll romances and mature YA paranormal, which means ppl of all ages love her stuff. stellar book promotion site. get to know it and maybe use it for yourself too Glasgow born author of very well received horror and sci-fi. Explore...go see~~>  sorry bout small size but value of this great restaurant info (and more) site anything but. Go see. start a conversation. Almost any restaurant...any place!

more links later...

I got others I want to put up too, but can't remember all of them. Gonna go back to Twitter and gather some more. 

PLEASE share a few. If you want to take over the media, you got to.

COMMENT <down below> with your link so we can highlight that too.

This is how 'external link' chains are born... (whispers)... this is how CITIZEN KANE started (I forget his first name)


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Thank you. I'm trying and I WILL put up more links. 


Nephylim Author said...

Hi, I've tweeted, facebooked, tumblr, pinterested and google*d as many as I can. On some of them I can't see the links to do it. My twitter is and my blog is You know I'll do what I can for anyone, so if anyone wants space on my blog to promote them just give me a shout

John L. Harmon said...

Thanks for the inclusion, Billy!

Billy Kravitz said...

82 hits after 1st day... some must have's a beginning. and you're very welcome as usual.