Saturday, September 20, 2014


EXT - Nighttime in The Pines. JONATHON and PAPA sit on a rock, gazing at clear, full, chalky-white moon. The 'young' vampirino is as he was. His skin is new, smooth and clear. His hair is long, dark and wavy. They've just left the pit, so he's still bare. Ain't too many haberdashers in the woods.

PAPA - Can't stay here, you know. Who would you eat? You know the same prey to predator ratio that holds for lions, applies to us too.

JONATHON (also known as TOMAS) - I know.

PAPA - Well, then what are you going to do?

JONATHON - I'll leave, but I can stay here for a little while...

PAPA - And?

JONATHON - I'll do like I've always done. Once a month is enough for me.

PAPA - You're going to live by that 'cull the wicked. help the worthy live' crap?

JONATHON shrugs.

PAPA - (exhales) 

JONATHON - Why? What were you going to say?

PAPA - It doesn't make a difference, you know. Not what I say, but what you do. My God. From the fall of Byzantium to this night here, is to me like an after noon. They live so fast. They die so soon. Do you think it means anything? Kill all you want. There'll be more. I'm not saying there won't be times when you can't do all that 'God' stuff. But not now. The cities are shit holes. Law means nothing. They have a guillotine set up in what used to be 'Love' Square, in your Philadelphia, I mean. I know, you're going to say they need it now more than ever... And you know what I say?... Who cares?... You go back there and you do that. They'll lock you in 'The Lead House' so fast. no one will save you then.

JONATHON - So, what should I do?

PAPA - (leans close and whispers) Be bad. Just live. Just go and see and touch and eat. You've never really done that. Oh, there've been isolated episodes. I know. But you're a vampire and you've never really done that. And who's going to stop you? 

JONATHON - They have gangs in the city. Most vampires have been 'domesticated.' They work for mortal warlords now. 'Wild' vampires are few and far between and they don't last long. 

PAPA - Your 'elferino' friends seem to last long.

JONATHON - And they still believe, you know. They don't kill indiscriminately. They rarely kill anyone at all.

PAPA - (covers his face with his hands) You see what you want to see. They like you. They get along with you, so they play the game. Let me tell you. They kill children. They kill children. They KILL children. THEY KILL CHILDREN!.... Come on. You know that.

JONATHON just sits there hugging his knees.

PAPA - Grow up. What is it, almost a thousand years? And look at you. I should have left you in that burnt out synagogue. You should have died. You'd be happier dead. Not 'vampire' dead. Not like you were, but truly dead..... I'm going to leave soon, you know. Madam Shang desires my company. She wants me back. You can't imagine what we do. You can't imagine what we see, who we are.  Here they called us Anunnaki. Not me. Not her, but other ones like us. You want God?... Be one.

JONATHON doesn't respond. He looks out over the trees.

PAPA - You don't like the part about the 'elferinos' do you? Your little friends... so pure... so good... so innocent.... Well, that's the way it is..... But now, you must excuse me. I'm off to 'swim with the fishes.' My intelligent, ray-like friends beneath the ice on Europa.

JONATHON wants to say something, but PAPA gestures for silence.

PAPA - Please. Not now. Think about what I've said. I'll be back. I'll look in. We'll talk then.

He gets up, strides down the hill. As he goes he defuses and expands... all the while keeping his natural form (like a 32 or 33 year old Richard Gere. he's been described that way since Vampire Wonderland began)... a huge, ghost-like figure... one hundred feet tall... two hundred feet tall... five hundred feet tall... like a transparent cloud painted by the moon. The trees come up to his knees. Then he raises his arms, ascends toward the stars and disappears. 

JONATHON sits there, alone in the woodland night.

CUT TO - Dawn... The same place...

JONATHON is gone.


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