Saturday, September 27, 2014

VAMPIRINO TOMAS encounters his friend the ELFERINA MARIANNE .. 9/27/14

She took him to this place, a cellar, or maybe a deeper, second cellar like they used to have generations ago. He sat down on an old bean bag chair. It was ripped, but most of the beans were still in the bag. Place didn't have any electric hook up. Regular electrical service didn't exist anymore. Some had generator. Stealing generators was a big thing. 'Motor hopping,' they called it. But Marianne didn't even have that. She made due with a few cartons of batteries in assorted sizes and a whole mess of battery powered candles. Flickering light... She had flickering light and an old 'camp' radio that also used batteries. You could crank it up too. But that didn't really work.

Then she collapsed onto a broken up, dirty mattress and rattled away in Flemish, or Walloon French, or whatever it was. Tomas put his hand up and said,'I know you don't know Spanish and your Vahmperigo (Mediterranean, Romance, vampire dialect) is abysmal, so stick to English. OK?

The animated, elferina bit into the back of her hand, sucking up the blood... a vampire 'cutter,' if you will... took a few deep breaths and began again... 'When did you wake up?' she said.... He didn't answer. Marianne didn't care. Tomas didn't have to answer. He knew what she meant. She could tell. 

'You know I killed an eight year old little boy tonight?' she said. The mother tried to make it real nice for them. Just him and her. Just the two of them. Covered everything up with sheets. Tucked them in real tight. Pinned them in place and all. Don't know where the flowers came from. Maybe they were weeds that looked like flowers. He had board games and army guys. High up in an attic they were. Thought it was safe. The people in her building grow potatoes in the back yard. Well, now there's one less mouth to feed. Got him while he slept. The mother was sleeping too. She never knew. Twelve feet away and she never knew. Stink woke her up. Smelled the blue flames. Saw him burning and saw me standing there. Started screaming. Threw herself right on top of him. But she can't put him out. Blue flame's not like that. Keeps coming back til he's gone. Like trick birthday candles. You know what I mean? (eyes him) Who cares if you know what I mean... (eyes him again) So, you are not crazy anymore. How many years were you like that? Since you came here?

He just plays with a little mouse crawling through her crap.

'Albion (a male elferino) says we should kill you. But I say you are too powerful. Only now I'm not so sure. You got all your talents back, but something is  not right. They say the body is switchboard to the soul and you have a different switchboard. One eye goes twitch-twitch-twitch. I can see. You got to kill. You got to drink. You know that?

He nodded. After more than two hundred and fifty years she still had that accent... like the girl in AFTER MIDNIGHT. Tomas liked that.... Now it's not like vampires don't have to be careful in this new, almost apocalyptic landscape. They do. Warlords run everything. Oh, the National Government still exists, but at street level it's all the warlords. Washington just takes a cut and keeps the foreign low lifes away. Most vampires have been domesticated. They help the warlords... enforcers and all. Afraid of The Lead House. You go by there late at night, hell anytime, you'll hear them screaming... vibrates right through the metal.

Rogue vampires, like the elferinos and Tomas and whoever else is out there have to watch themselves. Sleep somewhere else every day. Marianne has maybe twelve 'nests.' Tomas gotta start finding twigs.

She let him spend the day there. But he couldn't sleep much... too self conscious 'bout that eye twitch and all. You know how vain that Tomas is.

Kept petting that little mouse. Blew on its fur. Poor thing died of fright, but he just kept petting it...

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