Friday, October 24, 2014

JUST ME, Billy, the one who writes this ... 10/25/14

I've been tired lately. Longer autumn nights do that to me. Get my laptop all ready (who'm I kidding? it's 'ready' all day) sit down. Tweet a little. Start the brain juices percolating. Go to tap that key and BAM, Seth Meyers does something, or Carson introduces somebody and it's over... My jaw slacks. My eyes glaze. I breathe like I'm snoring and all them blog ideas go straight to hell. 

Think I want to wrap up Tomas in the Land of The Giant Dogs Who Wear Victorian Get-Ups and Eat Shrimp Sized Naked People They Raise Like Mushrooms ... Eh, you know how it is... Been there... Done that. Not that I won't finish it. I will. But can't wait to bring my favorite vampire back to Philadelphia so he can clean up all that 'almost' apocalyptic stuff
and go back to being a reverent, caring life-eater. 

SPOILER ALERT ~~~ Think he's gonna spread vampirism among the shrimpy folk and they'll use their new powers to fend off the towering canines and race with him through a worm hole back to Philadelphia. Then he'll lead his vampire army against the local exploiters and warlords. Once Philly's cleaned up, contingents of life-eaters will fan out to other cities to kill all the bad folks in those places too.. After that, they all get pilots' licences, or create pilot 'familiars'... fly oversees and destroy social/political nastiness wherever they find it.

Then, once Earth is real nice again (as if it ever was), Doctor Franklin comes back from the Dyson Sphere-like world inside the moon.... And he brings the first half human-half alien baby back with him... Little Winky.
Man, those Little Winky dolls should sell like crazy.

What I really want to do is go back to EL RANCHO TEXACO. I know I always say that. If I was making them as movies, EL RANCHO TEXACO would be first, then EMPIRE OF THE JADE ORB.

I got a lot of scripts.. PHILADELPHIA AFTER DARK, the coherent vampire saga that started this all. Different than Vampire Wonderland...Smaller and more dramatic...Sad too. In my mind people dab away tears and clap at the end. Hey, I'm allowed. 

Other scripts not so paranormal. I'll talk about them another time.

HEALTH-FITNESS TIP--- do chair crunches to fight Holiday Spread. Sit in sturdy chair. Lean back. Grip arms and raise knees toward chest (at least up to waist level). Do twenty reps to start. If you have to do less, do less. Fifty is ideal. Then do a set during every commercial. This really tightens up the whole corporation. If chair lacks arms, grasp the seat. Easier on the tailbone than floor crunches and just as effective...

I don't know why I said that. Just go with the flow, I guess...

And make sure to wash your hands all the time...Get your flu shot...and if you kiss a lot a babies, or one in particular, get that adult - whooping-cough shot too.

Now the 2AM Meredith Viera rebroadcast is on and I'm getting hypnotized again.

Excuse me while I slip into catatonia.

<more next time>



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