Friday, October 31, 2014

LET YOUR VERY BODY BE A HOLY SPEAR... vampire revenge... 10/31/14

They had to practice in secret. But by that time the 'father' person and the 'mother' person were vampires too. It gave them a certain sense of security, though even vampires can be crushed. The children they left alone. And the other human female, the one who stayed up in her room all the time, remained mortal too. She's a dope. She wouldn't know the difference anyway. The maid was gone. Well, not completely. Her dried, mounted body ( re-dressed in maid's habit) was displayed behind glass, in a little, golden frame at the door to the cloakroom just off the baronial entrance hall. The blond giant-dog-woman took her one night after dinner. Came upstairs, carefully lifted up the roof (altered to be removable), reached in and delicately snatched her, just as the reverent servant was preparing for bed. Went back to get the uniform too, carefully smoothed out over the back of a miniature chair.The female canines were 'crafting' that night and they needed a maid (for some reason maids symbolized cloakrooms, powder rooms and all that), so the afghan looking blond thing thought it'd be clever to use a 'real' one. The others laughed as she smothered her in the wet, chloroform soaked cotton wool. Whether or not the incredulous, terrified maid laughed is unknown. Fortunately, during the time when the roof was off, none of the other dollhouse residents were molested, for the adults were downstairs playing whist at the time and the children were dreaming over picture books in the library. But Tomas knew how real the danger was. That's when he started to teach them.

Now instructing a new life-eater (politically correct term for vampire) in sublimation is a lot like showing a baby bird how to fly. The flesh is willing, but the spirit is weak. Have you ever seen a wet, skinny, little human child shivering at the end of a diving board? Mom-mom and Pop-pop chirp encouragingly. Pa-pa waits in the pool. Ma-ma sits nervously on a chaise pretending to read about J-Lo or whatever 'Lo' they're selling that year. The hesitant baby bird inches forward... inches back... looks... grins... groans... cries... fidgets... bends over, straightens up... bends over, straightens up... sucks in a lung full... breathes it out.. does it again... runs out and takes a leap. Arms flail. Legs pump and SPLASH! They did it. Pa-pa hugs them,  but they break away, eager to do it again... and again... and again.... That's what sublimation lessons are like, only the stakes are so very much higher.

They went down into the dollhouse cellar. No trays and towers (see previous post) there. Tomas found some thin sheets of oak paneling, spares for the library, the smoking room and other places. He took one and gave it to girl from the glass kitchen tank, since she'd been 'vampire' longest and instinctively knew what to expect. So she held it like a giant playing card. Then he turned toward the others, squared his shoulders and passed right through it. THAT'S sublimation. Every atom of his body vibrated at a slightly higher frequency. Each repelled the others. Did Tomas fly apart? No, but the space between particles was ever so slightly greater than normal, enabling him to move through solid mater like smoke. The girl from the glass tank in the kitchen went next. Took her about two hundred and thirty one heartbeats to get up the courage, but she did it. Third was the 'father' person. He was scared, but managed to do it too. Last came the 'mother.' She cried and shook her head. Tomas encouraged her, mostly with gestures since they spoke different languages. The kitchen tank girl, by now quite proficient, passed her hand through from the opposite side and waved. The 'mother' person laughed. She was scared, but she did it. 

Tomas sighed. Lesson over. Night one. They did it. Now it was just a question of raising the bar... thicker barriers... harder surfaces... denser materials... Inanimate matter isn't effected. Glass is still glass. Bricks are still bricks. But living matter isn't like that. Organic tissue is destroyed. Flesh shreds. Bone shatters. Organs liquefy. Creatures die. Tomas could most likely pass through the skull of a giant civilized dog creature quite easily. Stone, brains, air... it was all the same to him. The others would need a bit more training. But one night they'd do it. Entry through an eye was best. Like a 'living' spear they'd be, melting the brain and ending the life.... Supernatural wasps with long, sharp stingers. Quite a force. Then they'd liberate the masses in the Great House cellars and the others in the glass kitchen tank. Did the culture deserve to end? Had it not accomplished much in the way of architecture, literature, domestic arts and God knows what else? Perhaps they had a religion? The giant canines were devoted to their children. That much was obvious. But the small and helpless humans were living creatures too. And God knows what they might do.

A new Spartacus would go out across the land. Or considering his relative size, a new Mighty Mouse. 

Did Tomas want the job? No, but the job wanted him.

So much for his nights as an amoral, vampire wastrel .

Solo Deus sabe que sera --- they said in Old Vahmperigo. Tomas' original vampire tongue.... Only God knows what will be.....In our dimension and every other...

<more later>


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