Tuesday, October 28, 2014


He hid her from the light. The new vampire, the girl Tomas created last night, writhed when the sun came it. He saw the welts and smelled the oxidation, so he scooped her up and threw her into one of the tiny, dollhouse closets. She shivered and cried.   

Tomas told them when he went down for breakfast. The Australian man understood. Being from Earth, he at least knew something of vampire lore, if not the nuts and bolts reality of the thing. And strange as it was, no one let on about the missing 'uncle'... Not the maid, nor the 'mother,' or the children. The other one they never saw, an 'aunt,' or a 'grandmother,' continued to stay in her room. But they knew. Tomas could tell. Maybe it was due to all the sublimation, but his 'sixth sense' was coming back. The thing is, they saw him as a champion. Who else did they have. 

The Aussie spoke first - So you think she means to kill us, that giant afghan thing over there?..... Yes, I do - said Tomas - Maybe not right away. You're not that important, but she mentioned it and the others laughed..... You knew the words? You understood her? - asked the Aussie... No, but I felt them. I could tell - whispered the vampire.... The stranger from Down Under sighed.... If you stay as you are, you'll die. But I can offer you something - said Tomas... A vampire? you want to make me a vampire? You want to make us all into vampires, even the children? -asked the skeptic.... Tomas nodded. Then he said - Would you like me to show you the cellars? Do you want to see the kitchen? The glass tank on the counter?... The other man didn't answer. 

Six acres away, across an expanse of patterned 'wool' carpet and polished 'oak' floor, the giant dog-woman stretched and yawned. The dollhouse humans froze. But she rolled over and went back to sleep. snuggling under the coverlets on her four poster bed.

The boy and girl resumed eating.... tiny sweetened rice cakes, broken up into droplets of milk.. at least it tasted like milk... They had some kind of juice too, plus minute shavings of bacon. Tomas had hot, weak tea. He could manage that.

Across the table, the 'mother' woman watched. She appeared to comprehend the basics. People are like that. They understand before they speak. Maybe she knew something about vampires. Maybe they had such beings on her world. Who knows? She looked at the children. The little girl waved playfully. The 'mother' woman smiled and waved back.. The boy stuck out his tongue, but he didn't mean it.

From her place, by the sideboard, the maid heard it all and she picked up a few words too. The Aussie mumbled to himself  in English all the time. Although she didn't know what 'vampire' meant, she instinctively knew what Tomas was. Maybe not exactly, though she knew he was more than mortal... and that scared her.

Vampires have a talent... a certain ability that might give them the upper hand. Could they drink dog blood?... No. But they could do something else.

And that, in itself was lethal...

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