Sunday, October 19, 2014

When The Angels Call Your Time - Wily Bo Walker... a detour into what I call VAMPIRE BLUES ... 10/19/14

Listen to the naughty, nighttime blues of London's Wily Bo Walker and tell me this ain't what vampires listen to in little boites  (do I spell it right?) tucked away on dark, narrow cobbled lanes in old cities throughout the world.

I swim in this music when I write. Edith, our Jersey Pine Barrens witchy woman found it for me. They feel it all in The Pines. 

Was gonna put it up last time, but got lost in it. Folks in England know. New everywhere else. You among the foist. 

Too late to channel our Tomas - Among - the -Giant - Civilized - Human - Eating - Dog - People (is that a compound word?) arc. I am cravin' a bit more sleep lately. Lengthening nights does that to me...Hibernatin' time.

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But listen to the Wily Bo Walker material. Let it wash over you.




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John L. Harmon said...

I also swim in music when I write...