Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fundamental Change in an Alternate Universe... 11/13/14

Tomas talks tonight----

I saw the 'end.' I knew what would happen. The new vampires would kill their exploiters. At least on this estate. And not all the humans would survive, but the species would go on. At least I did that. 

But what would happen to me? This world is not my world. And if you're familiar with my story, you know what a homebody I am. Even the city in it's tortured state would be better than this. The trees are too monstrous. The snowflakes like wafers. The sky so high and vast. Eternal night seems clean and small and close. I like the stars, my stars. Oh, you can see them in the city. There are streets... narrow, little, dark places... old mews... cobbled lanes... devoid of excess artificial light. Cats prowl the shadows. Small, curbside trees provide an additional barrier. But there are spots between the trees where starlight filters down. How it soothes me. Most of the universe is dark, you know. The glare from a trillion suns, on a cosmic scale, soon weakens. If that wasn't so the midnight sky would burn with white hot light. The tiny bits of flotsam we call planets catch some of it. The light, I mean. And we call those captured photons 'day.' .... Well, I am tired of it and prepared to go back to a sun I never see.

What will the people do after the monstrous canine things are gone? What will they do after every giant skull and every brain inside is shattered?... It only takes a handful of vampires to do that. And the locals take to 'sublimation' so well. 

Flies will come to feast upon the flesh. I've seen them. Loathsome things... iridescent nightmares smeared with excrement and reeking of the grave... with eyes like sequinned basketballs and bodies hard as glass... And their fat, white, worm-like spawn are even worse

Each giant corpse is as a tower, eighteen stories high.... with enough meat and fat and marrow to sustain a city of tiny humans. I'm told dog meat is sweet.  Maybe they'll like it....before the flies come?

And  after?... Well, there's always the hedgerows. Might have to battle insects for prime turf. Ants have formidable armies and lethal stingers too, not to mention the bees. What epics will be written then. Perhaps they'll ride mice into battle?... Smurfs in all but hue.

I had a dream. Gazing into a mirror, I studied my reflection... a dim image in an old, dark room, cluttered with arcane accoutrements such as might belong to a magician, or alchemist. My journal was there too, as was my handwritten, illuminated copy of La Ciencia Vampirissmo.... I miss that book. To think that I have gone through two bodies, while it remains the same, a pure, inviolate testament to life-eater truth.

And as I inventoried myself I saw a fissure, or deep cut, stretch open on my forehead and run up into my scalp, where it came down my skull and continued down the spine. Then there was a wet, sucking sound, as the skin and hair and fat and tissue parted and peeled from my cranium, exposing the wet and bloody bone. Soon after it rolled from my face, parting at the nose, til my fleshless countenance stared back at me. I saw the muscles and tendons of my neck... my clavicles and sternum.... Like a fresh, oozing carcass, exposed to the students in an early Victorian surgical theater.... Yet I lived and my eyes were still bright.

What did it mean?

When would I know?


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