Sunday, November 2, 2014


The leaves are desiccated and brown. Flies are dying. Tired people trudge home from the bus in the dark. Old coats from last year (or last decade) are dragged out. Skin looks pale, or ashy and dead. The cold time is upon us. Humanity hides indoors, breathing in an atmosphere as dry as the Namibian Desert. 

This is when we read actual bound books and watch old movies. There's nothing like a 1930's classic on a cold, dark, almost winter night. All curled up. Wrapped in a snuggie. Surrounded by accent cushions. Doors locked. Shades down. Nesting time. As long as the phone doesn't ring, nothing could be better.

So let's talk about ancient and not so ancient types of torture.
Let's talk about solitary victims stripped bare and given over to essentially diabolical souls.

They say there was a client kingdom, far off along a distant shore of The Black Sea. Roman tax gatherers came by maybe twice a year, but their garrison just to the north kept the barbarians away. So the king paid and he seethed  at the indignity of it. And the population suffered. Some went into the sea. Dropped overboard, down into the midnight depths, freezing cold and bound in chains. Imagine those moments... conscious but doomed. Cold beyond all bearing. Heart pounding. Twisting and writhing in the crushing grip of a giant, unseen hand. Eardrums gone. Sea water rushing in, exploding delicate tubing and flooding down toward the gut. Don't gasp! Don't gasp! Don't gasp! LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! One heart beat more. One heart beat more. And still you plummet. Ribs crack. Sternum buckles. And then you gasp. And then you breathe. 

Do you know what it feels like when a mouthful of ocean water winds up in the wrong place? You know, that day at the seashore, jumping waves with your friends? Too much laughter. Too many hot dogs. Too much sand. Not enough sun block. And here comes THE BIG ONE, that moving wall of water, that mini tsunami, unbelievably huge... Then it's here, towering above you, maybe four feet over your head. You gasp, scrunch your eyes and try to live, while you and all the other little one tumble about like towels in a washer. Then you're on the sand and it's over... almost. But you wheeze and cough, trying to expel a tiny bit of water from the delicate tissues of your lungs. It hurts. It itches. You feel the pressure, but then it's gone, replaced with a red, raw, heat.

Drowning is something like that, but infinitely worse. Both lungs fill with water, like two sacks filled with cement. There's no way to force it out. If you even try more just rushes in. Air sacs begin to leak and rupture. Lungs explode. Can you imagine what that's like? I don't think you can. Crushed from the outside. Crushed from the inside... Broken and ruined... All from water. And then you're dead. Sometimes it takes five minutes. If it's really icy even longer.

And that's the most benign form of torture.

Polynesian kings staked victims down, spreadeagled, in advance of flowing lava, feet toward a searing heat, more  than twice the temperature required to melt lead. And some lava flows very slow... inch after inch after inch. Death, when it comes, is a precious gift. 

In some traditions today is All Souls Day. Pray for the dead.

And stay warm..... 

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Lot a stores are decorated already, so if you want to escape the cold wind tomorrow, go to a mall. Drink a pumpkin latte (when it gets closer to Christmas they'll have venison lattes) buy a toy or two and take it all in.



Kim said...

Having been an ocean girl (in a prior life - before I suffered near-decapitation by a powerboat of the Olymp coach from another team), I appreciate your insight into the suffering that drowning/near drowning inflicts. Been there done that. Lived. But the psyche torture hinted at in the Vine #6SecondScare #Unbelievable quartet is a slower death over the 12 years-> 12 years since the 2002 near-decap @ You might want to look into it if you are into plots for psychological torture and slow death. i.e. when doctors ignore that your pelvis is dislocated (bc they can) so you walk like a zombie with several falls to to ground every day. Yep that's me. PS they never rehabbed my shoulders after decap so when I fall, I can't use my arms to break the fall. I put empty legal boxes all around my house to break my falls. When I go out, I am forced to use a walker. So much for any social life. Social deprivation is cruel by all who were friends before near-decap. Anybody new who meets me treats me like the zombie I walk like. They have no idea of my Harvard/Olymp background, and there's no reason for them to care unless the whole bs were shown in a psych thriller. You should take this up if for no reason that when the Olymp ppl get wind of my connection w you, they'll pay you off. Hope I make it to next Halloween. 2014 was fun. #6SecondScare or true-life - does it cross your mind? Think about the torture that can be inflicted by an all powerful organization on an individual.

PS Would love to get a connection with Christoph Waltz. Seriously, I need to know what treatment he got for the dislocated pelvis he suffered back in 2011 while filming Django. Without treatment, this dislocated pelvis will be the death of me with a fall (not to mention the cold-sweat pain when I try to walk).

Billy Kravitz said...

You have to advocate for yourself, when it comes to 'health care.' And the 'care' in that term DOES NOT refer to the practitioners, hospitals or drug companies. They don't 'care.' They merely sell services or products at extortionist shameful rates. Nobody stops them. Politicians like all the automatic donations. Plus they all lie for each other. Are there decent people in that field. Of course. But there are too many bad ones and even the good ones charge similar rates. The whole paradigm stinks. I'd bet Christoph Waltz in on Twitter or Face Book. You can probably contact him there. But remember, he might have had his medical work done in Europe, where costs are 1/3 to 2/3 LESS than they are here. . Contact me on Twitter @wilkravitz and let me know what happens. Maybe there's a support group for people with orthopedic problems? We have to look for them too. ..I know SHRINERS HOSPITAL helps children with similar issues. Maybe they can advise adults too?