Wednesday, November 5, 2014


The children slowed them down and the three newly hatched vampires studied them intently. Considering two of them filled the roll of 'mother' and 'father' that was rather shocking. Tomas, fortunately, remembered his spiritual past and more and more found himself drifting back. The 'mother' and 'father' sensed his disapproval and hunted elsewhere. Quick forays down to the cellar, helped along by their ever increasing sublimation abilities opened their eyes... The stories were true. Tomas' stories were true. Thousands and thousands of dazed, silent humans, lying naked in huge stacks of ... well, mushroom beds. Not much light. Hardly any, really. They ate the mushrooms and the sprout-like things that grew there too. The humans, I mean. Grazed would be a better word. What did they think of? They obviously reproduced, so they had to think of something. A few from the lower trays tried to get out from time to time. But the red, crab things scuttling around the damp, dirt floors took care of that.

The girl from the glass tank on the counter in the kitchen started out down there. Now she's a vampire too. Oh, and Tomas gave her a name. He calls her Tillie, after a companion he had in Restoration England. The 'father' person wanted to change his name. Said it wasn't suited for a vampire. Wanted to be known as Doctor Polidori. You see, he morphed into this place thirty or forty years before Bram Stoker wrote Dracula. Only vampire he knew was Doctor Polidori. So he was Polidori and she was Tillie. The 'mother' person didn't have a name, not in any Earth language anyway. But she watched. She observed everything and would have one soon enough.

Tomas told them, Polidori and the 'mother' person, I mean, that they could sublimate through the crab things and finish them, just as he finished the canine giant upstairs. But they were afraid. So they raced across the hard packed earth two steps ahead of the huge, snapping 'castanets' and vaulted up into the second, or third tray, landing amidst pathetic, terrified, voiceless humans. Some of them chirped. They could do that. And the big ones instinctively sheltered the children. But it did no good. The new vampires were hungry. They needed food. The 'mother' person grabbed a little boy. She greedily hugged him, cooed and stroked his hair, then sank her teeth deep into his neck and killed him. After that she took his grandmother too. Polidori made do with a fat male. Just one. But he weighed more than the other two combined.

When it was done they looked. The frightened humans pressed back, forming a semi-circle with a radius of perhaps fifteen feet.  They saw the victims spontaneously ignite into cool, blue flames and disappear. A few cried. Those farther back pushed forward, reaching toward the faces of the witnesses. Then they brought their hands back to their own cheeks and knew. Polidori and the 'mother' woman watched and they knew too. These beings communicated. Not with words, but in their own unique and foreign way. Maybe it's based on chemical secretions from the skin, or some sort of electrical charge. But it was real.

One young man crawled over the writhing bodies to get a closer look. He saw the last, large, flaky ashes rise up from the greasy residue and disappear, floating out from the space between this tray and the next. Then he stared at the one called Polidori in wonder and amazement and the one called Polidori stared back. 

Ten minutes later it was done and the curious young man from the cellar was a vampire too.

But someone was coming. A giant canine kitchen 'girl' pounded down the old, wooden steps, followed by two 'footmen.'  They slid out the third wooden tray from the bottom, just over knee height to them, put it down on the floor and began choosing  human delicacies for the holding tank in the kitchen. A hurricane lamp shed just enough light for the task.  Next day was the funeral. After the two hundred foot long coffin found its place in the earth they'd all come back for a luncheon....

And live home grown humans were on the menu...

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