Wednesday, December 17, 2014


They sit in the small, garden-like backyard. The high brick walls make it private. Vampires like watching the night sky. Sarah sits like a cat staring up at a tiny bright speck moving across the blackness. She thinks it's a satellite, but it's much more remote than that. And in six hundred and five hours will explode into the surface of Mars with the force of a mile wide sun....

Do scientists know? Of course they do. But for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Vast swathes of subsurface permafrost will instantly vaporize and the Martian atmosphere will once again know rain. NASA's been watching for years, even nudged the small comet into a more precipitous trajectory. Rovers dropped seeds in areas likely to get the most rain. A second Genesis for the Forth World.. 

But Sarah didn't know that. Doctor Franklin did, though he doesn't share everything. that's another story though. 

They sit on two Adirondack chairs, all wrapped up in sweatshirts, hoodies, gloves and scarves. She's vampire. Cold can't harm her, but it's still uncomfortable. Jonathon's mortal. He needs all that GAP stuff. Actually finds it quite cozy. Bundling up against winter chill is a mortal pleasure. Vampires enjoy it too, but it's not the same thing. 

Jonathon says - I'd like a little color this time. 
Sarah - What are you talking about?
Jonathon - After, when I'm vampire again. I hate that alabaster look. I hate it.
Sarah - Get a tan. Go to one of those places. You know.
Jonathon - Yes.. and how little you know. Don't you pay attention?
Sarah - Don't bother me. I'm star gazing. And what don't I know?
Jonathon - My skin. I'm going to shed. I'm going to peel. I'm going to lose it when it happens. Even if I could tan, which I can't, that's where the melanin  would be...

Then he just sat there.

Sarah - So we're pale.
Jonathon - (jumps in) It reminds me of death. It reminds me of graves. It reminds me of corpses. I don't like it. 
Sarah - Jonathon?
Jonathon - What?
Sarah - Are you sure you want to be a vampire again?
Jonathon - I don't know...

More silence.

Jonathon - No, I do know. I do. I do. I want to be a vampire.. God, I hate that word. (sigh)... You know, back when this first happened to me... back during the middle ages... people used to call us 'the demi-angelic host.' Not the others. Not the 'noxious' like-eaters, but 'noble' ones... ones like me. ... They ruined it!
Sarah - Who ruined it?
Jonathon - The writers... the novelists... the scripts... the bastards. Look what they did to us. Are you like True Blood? Am I like True Blood?
Sarah - You liked that show?

He just looks at her, then turns away to study his sneakers.

Sarah - Last night was good. You liked that. You like the helping people part. You like the cool, sharp clothes and all. You want to go out on the street and give out gold coins? We have some real ones in the vault. We can do that. I'll go with you. It's 'First Night'... Hanukah.... Come on.....

No response...

Sarah - You want to play Scrooge?... Christmas spirits?... Sublimate through walls? Scare people? Make them change their ways?
Jonathon - Last guy had a fit. Crapped all over the bed. Stunk like high hell in there. I don't want to do that.
Sarah - You want to go to the zoo? Sublimate in with the polar bears? Spend the night with them? You like that.

He thinks about it.

Sarah - No, we can't. You're mortal. You're human. They'll kill you.

Jonathon - (quietly) I want pancakes.
Sarah - (sighs) Come on. I'll take you. You can't go by yourself. You know how late it is?
Jonathon - I want potato pancakes from that diner that makes them with the crispy edges.....

She nods.... They get up, go inside and lock the back door, as cold, wintry stars look down.


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