Tuesday, December 9, 2014

THE TICKING OF THE CLOCKS .... Jonathon talks ... 12/9/14

I like this house. So different from what we had in Spain. I liked that too. But this one feels especially right. I've shared before. You know. Old, Philadelphia townhouses have an atmosphere. Time passes, yet the house stays the same. Oh, we do have various components of modernity. There's the large, flat television above the hearth in the family room. And Edith likes the 'professional quality' appliances in the flagstone paved kitchen. 'Stainless steel'.... You know we had that in Spain. The metal, I mean. But they used it mostly for swords.

I don't know how many people are here now. I've lost track. Obviously Sarah and I are here... Edith. There might have been one or two more. I can't remember. Doctor Franklin says my procedure could of caused that. I want to be a life-eater again. But they tell me to wait. Any weakness or infirmity I take over with me might hamper my abilities forever. You see, I was a very strong vampire. So I'll wait, for I want to be that way again. 

There's a little library here.... wood floor... braided rug... polished table.... They say the built-in book cases come from an even older, seventeenth century place off Elfreth's Alley. I think I know the house. I saw it go up. Such books we have... Old, original, leather bound editions of DeFoe... Shakespeare too. Not First Folio, but very early. I spend hours in there, snug in a wing chair shoved in a corner. The heavy, green, velvet draperies (a tradition in Philadelphia libraries) keep it so warm during the winter. 

We walked by the shop last night. We went by the cramped, little bookstore. Sarah was so proud of it. Imagine, 'Philadelphia After Dark'--- a bookshop for the evening trade. That's what the sign said and under the word 'hours' came - We open with the gloaming and close up with the dawn..... That's where I found her. Sarah, I mean..... A wall of clocks... She sat behind an old wood counter... came from a tavern. Such a cozy place. Devoted clientele. A familiar keeps it going. The man buzzes people in now. People slip a plastic membership card in a special slot. Can't be too safe....

I wanted to go in. Sarah didn't. But she looked through the old, bay window for a good long time. Then we went back. I know she took a victim that night. Once a month. She keeps her vows.... 'cull the wicked' and all that. I don't know who it was..... Do I remember what it's like, taking a victim and all? Of course I do. How can you ask such a thing?

Edith gave me a nice piece of cake when we got in. She cooks. She bakes. She throws spells. Good folk singer too. Plays a zither. I sat in the library with my cake and an old copy of THE AGE OF INNOCENCE. I like that book. Met Wharton once. Talent, but no heart. Tells a good story though. 

Didn't hear Sarah come in. But I could smell the death on her. Please don't think we use coffins. It's easy to seal up a bedroom with shades and curtains and shutters and all. Whores do it all the time.

Oh, God, I want to be a vampire again.

Sarah's trying to find 'Papa' and all. Baylah helps her.

He did it the first time.

You know how it is...


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John L. Harmon said...

I want to live in the little library!