Friday, December 5, 2014

Tomas Watches Peter Pan on TV and Recounts Le Avventure di Fauno .. 12/5/14

He woke up. Tomas was awake. Not completely. Still a bit drowsy. But he knew his name and he knew where he was. Sarah was with him when it happened. The television was on. No, sound, but it was on. Peter Pan. A nurse did it. Sarah didn't care. She just sat and dozed. They gave her a carafe, not a whole one, more like a half, of some kind of white wine. But she didn't want it. Guy who brought it in meant well. She thanked him. 

Tomas noticed the tv screen. Saw Peter Pan fly, or something like that. Gave her a half smile and said - Fauno. Le avventure di Fauno..... Sarah said - What, Tomas? What did you say?..... He said - I know the story.... Then he drifted off again. He closed his eyes, but continued to whisper......

When I first come into this. El mundo vampirido, I mean. There was a place, some woods. I don't know where, but the people spoke Italian. Like an old Italian. Dante, la lingua di Dante. I know it. Not like I know Old Spanish, or Vahmperigo, or... the other (trembles) 'talks' I know. The girl, the skinny boy-girl they got dancing around on the television, she is the Fauno, il Fauno. Very big famous star of many stories. You tell me. You tell me. I am mortal, or vampirino?

Sarah inhaled and said - You are mortal, Tomas..... He says - Why do you call me that name? I am not Tomas. I am Jonathon ben Macabi. Not Tomas..... Sarah guessed he remembered the earliest parts of his life first. Doctor Franklin and the others said that would happen. He always vacillated between the two names anyway. That's how it was in Europe. In one town you can be a Jew. It was alright. Not easy, but they don't kill you. Next town, they kill you maybe. So people have inside names and outside names. They all do it. Not just the Jews. You travel. You go out on the roads. They stick a big pin in your neck. Not a pin. More like a skinny spike. Vein, or artery, or whatever you got bust open. Blood shoot out, or squirt  down your throat and you die. They take your money. They rape your wife. They sell your children. If they don't wanna feed no children til they sell them, they throw them down a well. Not a wet well, a dry well. Head smash open. Neck break. No more that kid. It was a custom. Then, after wife all raped up, they throw her too. You know it is not good to separate a mama from her children? Everybody knows that. So people got a home name and a road name. Road name make them look like a big shot. Like a gentleman. Got a fancy cloak. Got a scroll, got a parchment from some bishop. Says you helping the bishop. All stamped. Red wax and everything. Only you got a brother-in-law make it up for you. Some bastards scared to kill big shots. They take the money, but you live. Everybody lied back then. Nobody likes getting killed.

Who am I? Well, let me tell you. I am a disembodied spirit. We narrate from time to time. If you know this story, you know us. We got Johannon and Zebulon and Mister Never-You-Mind. Got other ones too. Right now, you don't have to know my name.

Jonathon wants to be vampirino again. He dreams about it. Thought it happened already. But that was just an illusion while he was dead. Dead folks think of all kinds a crazy shit. They don't know. Angel go - Yo, asshole! Shut up! You in Heaven already! They don't know. They scared.

Jonathon watches the show. He goes - Why he fly like that? Il Fauno don't fly like that. He go fast. He go smooth. He go high.

Sarah says - It's a story. That's not real. Il Fauno is an elferino (pubescent vampire), yes?..... Jonathon nods. He smiles. He likes the story.

Sarah gets up and sits on the side of his bed. She kiss his hand.... He says - I like you. You a nice lady..... She says - And I like you a lot too.

Little by little he gets better.

When the funny pirate-man dance around he laughs

Sarah laughs too...

<more next time>


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