Monday, January 5, 2015

He Walks With Me - Avett Brothers .. Jonathon's Last Mortal Night.. 1/5/15


I have a little room. 'My chapel,' I call it. I pray in there and listen to music. You know it. I hear Kol Nidre in there during The Biblical New Year and Mendelsohn's Elijah Oratorio during The Passover. I listen to a lot of things. One of my favorites is actually a Trinitarian hymn called He Walks With Me. A lot of people know it from the movie. A lot of people know it as The Places In The Heart song. They sing it at the end, during the final scene, where all things are made right. I've known about it for generations. Before records, I had sheet music. Shape singers sang it before The War Between The States. I'd visit evening services in different places. I'd listen, all by myself in the back, and think how right for Pentecost it is. Please know I speak of the Unitarian Pentecost. I speak of The Revelation At Sinai.... the time God spoke to the faithful... all the faithful. You see, that nineteen fifty six Ten Commandments movie got it wrong. The Lord spoke to everybody, not just Moses. They all heard. They all saw. And please forgive me for preaching, but this night is important to me. I am mortal for the last time. Tomorrow night I will be changed. I will be translated. I will be 'vampire' again.  And I want to remember my

'call.' So I listen to the song and I remember Sinai, the night when God spoke to all assembled there... those in the flesh, those in the spirit, all who believe and all who will believe. You might of been there and just not know. You see, Sinai sneaks up on you. One day it all comes rushing back.. And it wasn't just The Ten Commandments... It was the whole thing.

Edith made me a special dinner. We had hot, tuna melt sandwiches on thick slices of crusty, whole wheat bread. She makes good tuna fish. Chops little pieces of celery and sweet onions in it. I used to watch her make it before, when I was vampire, before this mortal intermission thing. She made it for herself and Billy and maybe for any other mortals we happened to have in the house. She'd make egg salad too and macaroni and cheese with crumbly, bakes bread crumbs on it. I've had it twice before, but this will be my last time.

I ate it with her and Billy in the kitchen. We watched Extra and Access Hollywood on the television. Edith likes those shows. She alternates. One night it's them and the other night we have Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. If her favorite contestant is not winning, she does a 'power' spell and hoo-doo's them to win. I say - You know these are filmed months in advance. What good's a hoo-doo gonna do?... But she says - I send it back in time.... and gives me a 'how stupid can you be?' look. But I do have to admit her people usually win. 

(tears up a little) I like it here. I love our 'family.' Night-folk are sentimental. I can't help it. We're all like that... at least the 'noble' ones anyway. And even though I've been mortal these last few months, I'm still like that. I can't help it. But I feel so weak. I walk around the city and see how pathetic so many people are and there's nothing I can do about it. I give them money. I do that. You know that part (sigh). But I want to do more. I want to go back to 'culling.' I want to kill the wicked. And I don't judge. I'm not the one. It's the 'visions.' We have visions. I know I talk about that a lot. Only do you know how hard it is sharing all this with you almost every night and not knowing who's a new reader and who's a long time reader and who's just looking for porn, or 'mommy' blogs, or free coupon blogs..... (sits quietly for the longest time... someone knocks on the door)... WHAT!? .... Nothing. Are you alright? - says Edith... YES, I'm alright. I'm alright..... OK, just checkin' - she says and goes away.  Jonathon looks right at the readers and says - I have a heart problem. This body has a heart problem. They just found out. Doctor Fanklin asked if they could examine me before my translation. That's when they knew. Just surfaced. When I'm a vampire, it won't make any difference. Sarah wanted to do it right away. But I said - Please, give me a night or two. Let me think..... They make me take these aspirins all the time.... I just want to think. I 

just want to be in here by myself and think 

about my family, my 'real' family. I want to think about them while I'm still mortal. Makes me feel closer...... (then he closes his eyes. looks like he's praying too. maybe mouthing something in Old Spanish, or Liturgical Hebrew, or Classical Arabic... 

Sarah listens from the other side of the door. She's worried too...

He turns up the music... not loud... not blaring, but just a little.

She goes away...


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