Friday, January 9, 2015

HOW ABOUT ORB THEORY INSTEAD OF STRING THEORY? (more vampires next time) 1/9/15

This is an outgrowth of a Twitter discussion. HOW TO MAKE A VAMPIRE Part II will combust upon this screen next time. I just want to get this down before the omniverse shifts and shuffles my thoughts.

OK - The Kravitzanian Theory of Matter

Everything we see or feel is made up of an infinite number of orbs. The space between alpha orbs is filled with beta orbs and the space between beta orbs is occupied by gammas and so on. The chain goes on forever. The space between ALL orbs is filled by even tinier orbs. 

Every orb, regardless of size rotates, but the angle of rotation relative to its neighbors constantly changes. Thus electrical charges (extremely microscopic in nature) constantly change and fluctuate too.

This does not negate theories governing everything from atomic particles on up. What some theorists call 'strings' are charge paths winding among the orbs. Atoms are made of orbs. 

Empty space is completely filled by stationary orbs... orbs that do not spin. However, when rotating orbs rub up against stationary orbs their motion causes the stationary orbs to begin spinning too. I don't know if the 'new' motion is inversely or adversely proportional.

Thus no point in the universe is empty...merely inactive. Maybe dark matter is inactive matter. The framework is there. The orbs are there, but (at present) no motion or charge moves them.

I don't know if orbs are hollow (probably not), or filled with a series of even tinier orbs.

Thus every possible point in creation can rotate in every possible direction. Electrical charges generated by each infinite point can flow, or discharge in an infinite number of directions too... a clockwork, roiling 'ether.' 

Perhaps entropy is the accretion of countless irregularities on the sub atomic, orb level?

Does ANY of this make sense? I'd be interested to see if actual physicists stumble upon this and read it. 

A valid (on any level) thought experiment, or just wee hour ramblings?

Great discoveries have begun with less.

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