Tuesday, February 17, 2015


This is not you regular story. I know you gotta story here and this is not it. But I live with it for many many years and I want for you to know it. My name is Livia and my sister, they call her Dora. We come in a boat. I don't say 'on' a boat, 'cause that is not how it was. They force us down into darkness and there we stay... in the piss and the noise and the vomit.

One night, I say - Dora, come get fresh air. See the stars. Smell the water..... But she is afraid to do this, for steerage is our place. So I fix her hair... change her blouse. She don't want to do it, but she go. A man guard the steps. He got a uniform, like a soldier, but he is not a soldier. He says - Where duh yooz think yer goin'?..... I say - My sister sick. Let her throw up like a free woman. Ain't you got no mutter!?..... He makes a face. Maybe he thinkin' 'bout his mother? But he let us go...

This is  not the fancy deck. This is just a place where nobody goes... or nobody is supposed a go. Got a rail. Got everything. But no seats. You know those big seats you lay down on? Well, they don't got 'em. So I take Dora and we go to the rail. She don't wanna do it. Says - No, Livy. We're gonna slide over... I say - Stop it! Stop it! Nobody gone over. The rail is too high. Look. Look at the stars. You ever see so many?.... She looks and goes - They scare me. They make me feel so little, like a mouse. What if they get loose? What if they fall?... I hug her. She don't know. When she's born, midwife do something crazy and now... she got problems. But the breeze feels good and she likes that. So we stand.

A voice goes - Taking the air, I see..... We turn. They got a guy standin' there in a white tie and tails. Looks like a groom from a big wedding, or something. Eyes all sparkle. Looks like he wanna smile, but he don't smile. Dora always bashful. She grins. She makes faces..... Man takes a handkerchief from ... uh, I don't know where he takes it. But he got it. Says - Look, I got little cakes for you.... Then he unfolds it and we see 'bout six real pretty, little cakes. 'Rich girl' food they are.... Groom man goes - Take one. They are so creamy good.... I say - They from up there?.... Groom guy nods.... holds 'em out.... Dora goes - Tee hee hee...and takes a white one with blue squiggles on it... Then he looks at me. I do the same. I don't know what mine looked like. It was just cake. But he drugged it with something. I did not know that then, but I know it now.

Two hours later we were naked in a little room all covered with canvas cloths and half way to bein' vampirina. Think he had a deal with the steamship company. Dora screamin'. Skin all peelin' off. Some get it real bad. All red an' oozin'.... all flayed... Dora goes - Please, God. Please, God. Please, God.... Only God don't do nothin.... Then he brings in some skinny girl on a leash. Gave her some cakes too.... Guy goes - You ladies gotta bite her up real good and lick up all the blood... We do. It's like a instinct. Can't help it. I do most a the bitin'. But Dora lick up her share too.... Girl moans. She quivers. Got black and blue marks all over her skin... her legs and stomach and ass and all. Eyes all glazed... Dora goes - Th-th-this not gonna kill her, will it?..... Groom guy goes - Noooo. It's just like a game. A little rough, but just a game. You girls haven't  traveled much, have you?..... We shake our heads... Guy whispers - It shows.....

Twenty minutes later, skinny girl's dead. Dora starts cryin'. She goes No! No! No!..... Guy goes - Yes! Yes! Yes!..... We just look at him....Ten heartbeats later he says - What the hell you think, you dumb, God damn bitches?

Then he grins. For the first time he really grins.

Dora's all scared. She snifflin'. She goes - They are never gonna let us into 'merica now...

Guy busts out laughing, as two creeps come in, grab the body and jam it out through a port hole. Guess the sharks got it. I don't know..

Well, they did let us in America and Dora has never bitten anyone to this day. I bite people. Then I regurgitate the blood up into her mouth. Night-folk can do that. And that's how we live.

Did I want this thing?... Look... everybody has to make adjustments.

Just wanted to let you know how it is. Please don't watch those movies where we're always monsters. Promise me you won't do that. God they make me sick.

Sorry to but in, but that 'Billy' guy you got didn't even know he was channeling this and I've never had an opportunity to communicate with the real world, not more than one at a time anyway, so just blame me.

I can tell you he's plenty scared about that 'entity' though. Said something about it to people on the outside. Mentioned it on Twitter.

Jonathon (I think his name is) almost had a fit.

Now let me go. I gotta vomit blood in my sister's mouth...

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