Sunday, February 1, 2015


~~~ a continuation of the life renewing ritual from two nights ago... please scroll back, or click OLDER POST at bottom.. thank you.

They used straight razors and made cuts all over the front side of the poor serf's body. He was silent the whole time, though he did tremble. They sliced into the undersides of his arms... his belly... the pectoral muscles... the front of his thighs... shins, to a depth of perhaps one half inch. Then, a scattering of quick, tiny cuts on all parts of his external genitals.. They did slip something between his lips. I suppose it was some sort of narcotic, or pain killer. It was like a lozenge... Some type of gelled honey, or plant resin. Ancient peoples of the north countries used honey and plant sap to bind many things.

Next, they stretched the first body... the one with the spirit to be revived.... out on the floor... arms perpendicular to the ribs and legs spread wide. Then they laid the second victim down on the first, face to face, binding them together with narrow, linen ribbons. 

They believed the spirit of the recently departed, gained strength from the first victim and more readily passed into the body of the second. Sometimes there'd be a whole chain. Sometimes they used four or five victims. Often it doesn't work. When that happens, the souls of the slaughtered serfs accompany the dead noble to heaven. I know rites like this go against the formal scriptures of the place, but at that time and in those parts, formal religion was just for show. Folk ways and pagan beliefs held sway.

However, that time it did work. The baron's son came back. The second victim shuddered, spit up blood and spoke in a manner not suited for lowly serfs, so they knew. There was no doubt, for any serf foolish enough to speak above his station was immediately paillard (split throat to groin, broke open and cleaned) before being smoked for the crows. Kept them from the crops, you know. 

They gave the second victim to some lay brothers who carried it to the abbey, where the cuts and wounds were dressed and bound in strips from old discarded altar cloths. The first victim was fed to the lampreys, primitive, loathsome, worm-like fish much esteemed in that place and raised in deep, stone vats down in the darkness, beneath the dungeons. Occasionally live serfs, or even less fortunate tradesmen were fed to them too. Certain recipes required that.

Well, the entity trailing Jonathon knew that 'magic.' It's not known if 'he' saw it here, on Earth, or somewhere else.... but 'he' knew. He'd tasted it and he wanted it. Maybe he'd been encased in bodies before, but he sought incarnation again.

Entities always do.......

Stay away from entities... if you can...

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