Thursday, February 12, 2015


this will have to be a short post and please forgive all the typos. It's Billy (the one who set up this blog for them). I'm scared. That 'entity' thing is after me. It wants me. It wants my body. I don't leave the house. I stay near the vampires (mostly Jonathon). Even when he sleeps during the day, I stay upstairs. My room (under the eaves) is right above his sleeping chamber. Maybe eleven inches of joists and floor boards and plaster (this is an old residence) separates us. I hope and pray his strength can save me... Sarah's too. Edith gives me charms... little things she makes from fish scales and chicken bones... old Piney stuff... What's that gonna do against an entity that goes from here to Pluto and beyond? Edith says size don't mean nothing when it comes to spirit beings. They all exaggerate...'I fill the firmament' and all that. she says - who the hell cares? air is just air... I tell her hurricanes are just air too.... she says - That thing mostly out in space. No air there. Just a whole bunch a nothing.... I googled 'the vacuum of space'.... Article said - they now know even the emptiness of space is filled with electronic eddies and echos of events ocurring elsewhere. And that energy produces matter-like particles. So every place got something in it. Dust is everywhere. 

I pray. I look up 'afterlife' to see what that's like. But how's somebody supposed to write a Wikipedia about something they (or anybody else for that matter) have ever seen? One guy says there IS no death, just life-life-life-life-life up to the very end and then it just stops. Like when a roll of toilet paper runs out. Ain't no ghost toilet paper. what was is all used up. Ain't no death. Ain't no nothing. Not even a split second where you can say - Son of a bitch. Look what's happening. Just go BLIP! and that's it.

Other people say there is a world to come. they say energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Life is a type of energy, so they gotta have a place for us somewhere. Even Albert Einstein believed that. But he also used to mess his hair up and stick his tongue out at reporters, so who knows?

And how do they reconstitute families in heaven? Are we all the same age? Do we live with our parents or our babies? Must be a lot of aliens up there quiet, reverent spider people... or wet, mushy clam people or clowns that don't wear makeup, but just have skin like that. Heard that in Killer Clowns From Outer Space. Made sense too.

I know they called Doctor Franklin. Jonathon has a special number. they use throw-away discount store phones. Safer that way. I hope he can do something. I was in a fetal position all day. Edith wanted me to eat. Got me the good chicken nuggets from Wendy's. I could eat twenty of them any other time. that's only nine hundred calories. For a dinner it ain't so bad. But this time I only ate seventeen. You know how it is. 

Will that entity thing kill me? I had a dream. I was smoke...just a little cloud of smoke... a column really... and I saw my body walking away from me... Tried to move toward it, but the breeze wouldn't let me. Tried to call out. But smoke ain't got no voice box... then the breeze got stiffer and blew me away... No thoughts... No words.... No colors.... no dark... No lights. Just like it was before I was born.

It's 4:45AM est here. I'm sitting up in the bed, all wrapped up in blankets. Wall's cold. Bed's up against the wall. I like it like that. Real cozy with all the blankets. Got a little lamp on next to the bed.... a carved, ship's wheel lamp with a nubby, light brown, linen shade. Sometimes I hear someone running up on the roof. But that doesn't scare me. It's probably just an elferino or elferina. They come around here too all the time. Everybody likes them... even when they go a little crazy. If you do not know who, or what they are, google elferino or elferina by me, Billy Kravitz... Wow... I put so much up here, over 800,000 words, enough for six long books. 

Wonder who'll read it after i'm gone. 

Will my body still be walking around?... And what's gonna be in it?

I'm gonna stop now and curl up under the blankets. Got a Bible under my pillow. Jonathon once gave it to me... all in Hebrew, from when he was in Jerusalem. I can sound out most of the words, but don't know what they all mean.... Know the big parts anyway... the big prayers... My God is near. I know not fear.

Maybe it'll help me?

<more next time>


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John L. Harmon said...

Interesting afterlife theories!