Saturday, February 14, 2015

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: THE PHOTOLUMINESENCE OF LIFE IN THE ABYSS

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: THE PHOTOLUMINESENCE OF LIFE IN THE ABYSS: I could feel the cold. Temperatures at that depth hover near freezing. But my body was immune to it. Hypothermia does not effect us. I supp... Here's a scene from our MARIANNE IN BRITCHES story arc.. An elferina (girl transformed whilst in her early teens) regales wealthy, Society Hill matrons and their husbands (who paid ten thousand dollars each for the privilege of attending these sessions) with recollections of her paranormal life. this scene details what happened to her in the seventeenth century, when she was sealed into a leaden cask and thrown overboard into the sea.... If you like this episode, click NEWER POST or OLDER POST or (if possible) just scroll down for more... there's enough up here for at least six lengthy books. 

As always, PLEASE KNOW that this is not the post. Click on the title up above to go there and see that. Don't roll your eyes because I said this. You won't believe how many people don't get it. I understand, because I don't get much about the digital world either.

Oh, Society Hill is an old district of meticulously maintained colonial and federal townhouses in Center City, Philadelphia... In a sense, like traveling to London without traveling to London... and it's got ghosts coming out the wazoo.

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