Tuesday, March 24, 2015


They let me out by myself. Nobody bothers me. Edith says I have this aura. Piney People call it a 'heart fire.' I can walk down the most rough, common, shitty, shitty street there is and stick my tongue out at people and give them the finger, but they won't even see me. I'm not invisible, just protected. 

The lady in the Rite-Aid laughed when I tried to pay for a copy of Coastal Living Magazine (I like beaches). She said - Keep your money, honey.... And she gave me a CLIFF BAR too... peanut butter, the kind I like. Before I left, Jonathon said - Annie, please don't come back too late. You know how we worry... I told him they did not have to worry, 'cause they don't. You know how Eddie Murphy looked for a golden child in that old movie? Well, I'm that child. Don't ask me how it happened. I can't tell you, 'cause I don't know.  And don't ask me about my regular-people family in California. I mean I love them and all. But it didn't work out. I'm The Flintstones. They're The Jetsons. I like Fruit Loops. They like crappy stuff. Like when I used to watch a DVD of DUMBO all day long they used to get angry. My mother got all red and blotchy (that meant nerves). I'd say - Can't you bastards see them God damned sons a bitches got Dumbo's mother in jail!.... My mama'd bang her glass on the table (big, thick bottomed, Old Fashioned, whiskey glass) and go - Can't you see them animals ain't actors, they're just cartoons!?..... I'd slap my hands over my ears and sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow real loud... and now, I guess, I'm there.

I buy myself little bottles a nail polish from the Walgreen's. They got the ones I like. Lady smiles at me. Hands me back the money and says - Bless your heart. Ain't you Little Miss Thing!... I say - Thank you and go outside... Coffee shop give me free pancakes and everything. Edith helps me paint my nails. Sarah lets me wear it for a night or two, then makes me take it off. I say -Are you a communiss'? What do you mean I can't wear no nail polish!? Don't you know I just bought three boxes a heavy duty Kotex for a drunk woman! Don't that mean nothin'?!... Guess it didn't.... I ask the druggist for diabetic medicine. Don't know how I know the words, but I do. Something puts 'em in my head. Then I go out on the street and give it to poor folks what need it. Voice in my head points me to 'em. 

Annie goes - I talk bad, but I'm a good girl... And you know what?... I'm gettin' even better.

With that she walks away, disappearing into the shadows. ... Have there been creatures like her before?... Of course, though they were mostly killed or crippled up, or made mute, or something. What do you think death camps, Coliseums and auto da fe's were for? Come on. Grow up.

But no one bothers her, as she walks through dark, narrow, sticky, alleys, where 'crazy people' sleep, or at least lay down and mumble.

That's how she learns....

<'then what happens?' comes next time>


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