Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Annie wanted to talk. Jonathon didn't. He was happy she got home all right, but when Passover approaches he gets Jerusalem Fever real bad. Just wants to sit and stare into the fireplace. Helps when it's turned on. Gas, you know. But even so...

Annie said - Some dirty lady with dried piss on her shoes kissed my face. Eww, she smelled like old man beer and cold french fries. Why'd she do that?

What did you do to her? - asked Edith.

Nothin' - said Annie. Just gave her a sixtyfive hundred dollar Mikkimodo pearl necklace.

How do you know? - asked Edith.... It said on the tag - answered Annie.

Sarah, who'd been reading a HOMES & LAND real estate listing magazine for MALIBU that came in the post (vampires are on a lot of mailing lists) said - Wait a minute. Where'd you get it?

From the box. From the treasure box, the safe, we got in the basement. The ghost boy showed me. Why? - asked Annie.

Jonathon, momentarily roused from his spiritual reverie, quietly goes - You're not supposed to look in there..... 

Annie wants to respond, but Sarah shushes her. Three heartbeats later Jonathon turns back toward the hearth and starts mouthing prayers again..... Sarah says - How'd you open it?..... Annie shrugs - Why, didn't I do right? It was 'house treasure.' Didn't belong to nobody. Not nobody special. What'd I do???

Sarah - Nothing. Just leave that safe alone. We have to be careful how we use that treasure. We don't want to attract any unnecessary attention. Do you understand?

Annie nods.....

Sarah - How'd did you open it?

Annie - The little ghost boy told me. He saw. He saw when Jonathon did it. He's got a real good memory (trails off) Knows a lot a poems...

Sarah - Is that all you took?..... Annie nods...

Sarah - Then where'd you get those five carat, diamond stud earrings? (quietly) One still has the tag.

Annie - Ohhh, I forgot...

Sarah smiles and shakes her head.

Annie - Can I wear 'em for a little bit?

Sarah - Til you fall asleep. Come on. I'll read to you. I'll tuck you in... Annie goes - From The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry???... Sarah goes - What else?.....

They go upstairs.... Edith says - Night.... Annie says 'night' too.... Jonathon mumbles his own send off.

Edith thumbs through the Malibu real estate magazine.

Jonathon returns to 'out of body land.' He awakens to the clarion call of the ram's horn, as The Children of Israel and The Mixed Multitude that joined them, march forth in amazement from the delta city of Ra-Pythom, into The Arms of God...

Wow! Did you know beachfront, Malibu rents for one hundred thousand dollars a month?

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