Friday, April 17, 2015

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: VAMPIRE LIFE IS QUITE LIKE YOURS

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: VAMPIRE LIFE IS QUITE LIKE YOURS: Those of you familiar with our milieu know vampires do not effect a kill very often. Most of the 'noble' breed feed but once every ...Cool, April rainy night here. Thought a taste of summer might feel good. Besides, the allergy heebie-geegies got me. Can't hardly breathe. Mold spores... pollen... unidentified alien microbes... they all got me. Burn off when temperatures top eighty degrees. They say we can expect more bees this year... Exceptionally lethal , lethal bug juice was killin' 'em. Farmers used it to fritz ugly, deadbeat bugs. Shame it got the cute, furry, industrious ones too. Poor little Buzz-Buzz. I don't know what color bees' blood is. And the queen ain't so much a queen, as she is a lay-about, always pregnant, domineering mama. Think she drinks fermented honey. Drunk all the time. Poppin' out babies like gumballs. No wonder the daddies don't stay around.

I can't stand meat on the bone. Looks like a chopped up, greasy corps. Camouflaged  meat is better... Ewww, you ever think each and every one of us got a fully articulated skeleton inside our bodies. Teacher told us that in third grade. Kids yelled, groaned and put their hands over their ears. Teacher goes - Well what do you think holds us up?... God does - they say... Actually only one did, but other kids jumped on it. You should smell how they all fart after lunch period on a hot day... too much milk... When they gonna learn? Not the kids... the schools.

I got a twenty fifth anniversary edition of THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coelho. Think he's Brazilian. Jonathon (our main vampire) likes that book. Just about 4AMedt here. Gonna to to bed and read it... Sorry bout not posting a new vampire blog and all. But allergy heebie-geebies ....

TV guy says this is PROSTATE AWARENESS MONTH... Crap, another thing we gotta buy gifts for.

I'm gone to sleep... If you want (and I pray to God who holds up our boneless bodies that you do) click on the title up above and look at a good post from two or three years ago.

You ain't missin' no new stuff. Sarah's grandfather slept over yesterday. Showed us some magic. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. 

(yawns... trembles) 

Good night.


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