Friday, April 10, 2015

Mom Win All Kind A Fancy Designer Bras At The Bingo... 4/10/15

Sarah was quiet. She didn't say much. Annie asked her why they went to the old man in the fancy apartment house, but all Sarah said was they had to go to somebody. The next night, Sarah fed. Jonathon fed too. They don't always take blood on the same night, although sometimes they do. Since they were a devout and pious band, they depended on the visions. He saw a restaurant owner. Guy had a bar and grill in Old City (nineteenth century commercial district north of Society Hill). Came on to all the waitresses. Did worse when he felt like. One girl ran out into the street to get away from him and slipped under the wheels of a trolley car. It was real late. It was winter and the streets were icy. Both legs sliced off above the knee. He went to the mother... the girl's mother. Gave her ten thousand dollars cash on behalf of her daughter, plus the sincere promise of fifteen thousand more, if she kept her quiet. She did... They needed the money. Waitress' kid had asthma. Restaurant guy felt guilty. Bought her a matched set of 'Betty Grables.' You know, that blonde, pin-up, movie actress from back in the day with them legs? Looked real nice too, like Barbie legs, or something. Girl never walked in them, though. But they photographed nice in pictures. Once, years later, the mother calls him. Asks for more money to buy new legs. Thieves broke in one night and stole the old ones, along with a television, two collectible bisque figures under little glass domes and some real expensive, designer bras the mother won at bingo. Restaurant guy tells her to drop dead. Tells her to go back to bingo and win some.

Mother sends a guy she knows over to kill him. Don't have to pay him, 'cause she used to babysit him when he was a kid. Only guy gets jumped by two thugs who know he's packin' and want the gun. Cops find him three weeks later wedged under a rock in the Delaware River. 

You want me to tell you more? I could tell you more. He was a real shit. Jonathon goes in one night after closing and takes him out. Don't say nothing. Sublimates through the wall (that boy do like his entrances). Pins him against the mirror behind the bar and drains him dry. Professional vampire can do that in about three minutes.

Sarah takes longer with her 'cull,' because she's still relatively new at it.... Then they meet at this coffee bar for some African blend they like. 

Oh yeah, before I forget. Jonathon did pocket the bastid's watch... some big, heavy, bracelet style, gold thing. Costs like twenty eight thousand dollars. Also grabbed sixty five hundred dollars out of the register. There was a guy with a gun, but he in the crapper guardin' rolls a toilet paper and air freshener. Comes running out after some bottles broke to find his boss going up in spontaneous human combustion ( you know... the flames that break out after a vampire attack). 

Sarah got a seventeen thousand dollar diamond ring and a custom made, hand knotted, human hair wig made out a Russian hair, which is the best. Google say it cost thirty two hundred dollars. 

Fifty thousand dollars, retail, between the two of them. That ain't bad. They sell little vials of vampire blood to bastids what got the money to pay for it, but ain't the kind a bastids that need killin' too. Vampires make lot a money. Don't forget, they got investments too... a thousand years worth of investments and little chests fill a all kinds a jewels. Hell, do you know how much that townhouse costs?

On the way home from the coffee bar, Jonathon tells Sarah she ought to go back and see that old man she helped  the other night. He know 'bout the relationship and all. She says that she will. Even vampirinas like they pop-pops.

Then they go into an all-night bodega to buy Edith some Pepto Bismol. She got a thing for Pepto Bismol. 

Ride the rest a the way home in a taxi, 'cause it get cold and misty.

Watch part a THE LAST WALTZ when they get there. Jonathon likes that picture... country music and The Band and all. The Night They Tore Old Dixie Down one a his favorites.

Little bit later he kill a spider and they go to sleep. That how vampire live..... Some nights all glamorous.

This one ain't.....

<more next time>

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Antonio Westley said...

OMG when he said he wanted to buy the legs he lost and googled it just to see what prices they were I was on the floor dude! LMAO!

Billy Kravitz said...

For better or worse, know how I write this?... I pretend to hear someone else relating a story they heard or something they witnessed. . For me that makes it easier... Appreciate your comments very much.