Monday, April 13, 2015

Vampire Sarah And Her Mortal Grandfather Have It Out... 4/13/15

<continuation of 4/9/15 episode>

They were watching television... Game of Thrones. Jonathon liked that show. Had lots of ideas... A vampire dynasty ruling from a great, somber, mountain redoubt.... Icy, grey stones... echoing halls spanned by giant timbers. And they spoke only Vahmpergahn, the night-folk dialect  roughly equivalent to German and related tongues. 

Sarah said - Are they noble vampires or noxious? Which breed? ..... Neither - He said. They're practical. And you know how my type reveres La Ciencia Vampirismo? Well, their kind look to Die Alt Buch..... So, they're like another version of you, but with the details changed and less moral? - she said.... Jonathon just shrugged. He did contact the shows producers by Email, though I don't know what came of it. 

Then he said - You know, I was in Washington all through April of nineteen forty five, Roosevelt's last days. We knew he was sick. You could see it. A few of us went down... myself... another vampirino from Albany and a young, idealistic vampirina from Havana. We conversed in Spanish. I liked that. But the government said 'no.' Not the whole government. We didn't address congress or anything like that. My God, half of them wanted him dead. But certain allies and family members reluctantly turned down our offer, fearful, lest the nation reject a leader preserved by vampire blood. Were the three of us disappointed? Of course we were. Mortals can be so 'dumb.' There's no other word for it.

Then there was a knock at the door. They looked at each other. Unexpected guests are rare. Even the man who reads the water meter knows when not to come. Edith bustled in from the kitchen. She was surprised too. Jonathon whispered - Go see who it is, but be careful...... You know how the world is today. anything could happen.

Edith quietly made her way through the central entrance hall and peeked through the viewer..... Some old man - she whispered. Should I let him in?

Sarah looked at Jonathon like she knew what was going on, but didn't want to be the one to say.... He said - Let him in.

Edith opened the door. She said - Yes?..... The old man said - Excuse me. does Sarah Davenport live here?..... Edith said - Give me a minute... Then she closed the door right in his face, went into the den and said - Is that you, Sarah? I forget. What should I do?..... 

The vampirina looked down at her hands and said - Let him in.....

Edith hustled back to the door and opened it. The old man waited for an answer.... She said - Come on in.... He nodded and followed her back through the black and white checkered hallway lit by the little, porcelain, 'China trade' lamp, through the kitchen and into the den. 

The old man looked at Sarah and she looked at him. Then he broke down and cried and it's a terrible thing when old folks cry. Jonathon clicked off the TV out of respect. Edith got the old man a little wine. He drank it down.

Sarah said - Why'd you come here? I don't have anything to say to you. I saved you. I pulled you through the other night. Now get out of here.

But the old man didn't leave. He just looked at her and said - All I want you to do is tell me how it happened. Tell me why you did it.

Sarah said - I don't have to tell you anything.

The old man slowly looked around... at Jonathon... at Edith... at the place. He knew. He had sense. His granddaughter didn't have to say a word....

But after a few heartbeats she did... and they began to talk...

< more next time>


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