Thursday, May 7, 2015


I continue my monograph... It is I Jonathon, also known as Tomas. There is so much I have not told you. Images from past times float through my consciousness. I see Parma during the plague. I smell the catacombs of Rome. There was a man well known in The Hanseatic League who fashioned corpses into marionettes. The joints were broken to prevent the inevitable stiffening. The bodies sealed in lacquer to slow decay. Quite the rage, they were. Electors and Grafs and Ritters paid plenty for his macabre entertainments. Artisans dressed them in the manner of the Veneto. They danced and marched in promenade, as choirs of castrati sang bell canto. Since decomposition can only be forestalled so long, the puppet plays always featured death. Sometimes hands fell off... sometimes heads. But due to the strings, they hovered off to an off stage netherworld, as if borne by spastic angels. I liked those plays. Da Vinci liked them too.

Did I ever tell you he never died? I might have, back when this public confession, this 'blog' first started. I cannot remember. ... We were in France. I know that, at the court of one Charles or another. I hated them all. Like dressed up animals they were.... capricious demons arrayed in surface piety and morality. Faith was a joke. Religion existed not to make better people, but to forge stronger dynasties. And they knew not that I, a proclaimer of The Unity, was a Jew, though an, as you say 'paranormal' one. Had they known, I might, to this day, be sealed in molten lead... Well, it would have solidified, but it would have been molten to start..... Some still are.

But I speak of Leonardo. And if any soul was born to be 'vampire' he was. When he took sick ( a series of strokes, I'd call it) he asked me to save him. I'd prolonged his mortal life with small drinks of my restorative blood, but this was different. He wanted the 'long drink.' He wanted to become as I. Another of our company, a celebrated alchemist from The Khanate Of The Golden Horde, ( I once saw him fashion a beautiful, avian, automaton, that actually laid a viable egg) told me to do it... so I did.

Is Leonardo Da Vinci still with us today?... Yes.... That's all I can say... Well, maybe a little more.... And he is to The Old World what Doctor Franklin is to The New... That's it. Let him tell you. 

I walked through Comic Con earlier tonight. It's in town this week. Two kids thought I was supposed to be Jim Morrison's ghost. I told them to go to hell. They laughed. One was dressed as a girl Chewbacca ( a regular Chewbacca with enormous breasts).. The other was dressed as a substitute school teacher. You could tell by the big sweat stains under the arms. I made cool, head nods to all the vampires. Figured it was my duty. 

Can you imagine what my life is like? I 'know' Leonardo Da Vinci... and STILL the kid at the ShopRite judges me when I ask for change to play the scratch-off machine... Look, I told you vampires have appetites. I want to win something. I want to get something for free.

I want to go home. I want to go back to the townhouse, but Sarah makes me feel so guilty. She's making little blood vials to give to sick babies in intensive care units and I smell from 'those two God damned mole-whores.'..... That's what she said. Edith lit an aroma candle. You know where her loyalties lie.

( he wanders off to slip hundred dollar bills into pockets of sleeping homeless guys. that always makes him feel good... and he whistles the theme from THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY... I don't know what that represents, but it's what he does... these are real people. I have no control over them)...


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Antonio Westley said...

My favorite part is when he slips the $100 into the homeless guys pocket. It makes me think of what I'm seeing grow in my city, It's like every time I'm traveling I come across this and its hard to see. $100 or $1000 for every one I say!

Billy Kravitz said...

And it wouldn't be charity... We need a new word... In bible times it was called 'giving zedaka or doing the righteous thing. In Hebrew and Aramaic (not much diff) it still is. Appreciate your comments a lot.

Mary Tracy said...

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