Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Jonathon inched his chair closer to the strange old woman.  He studied her, as she gazed at the stars and they sat that way for perhaps thirty six heartbeats. Then she said - My name is Boo-Ka-Lay-Nah and I have something to tell you.

Jonathon nodded.

Boo-Ka-Lay-Nah - I see many things... many, many, many things. This body is mortal, but I am not. I have never been dead. As soon as a 'vessel' dies, I am reborn... and even as a child my pronouncements are very precocious. Boo-Ka-Lay-Nah was in Ur of the Chaldees and Sumer. Boo-Kah-Lay-Nah was in Jericho...and civic amalgamations far in advance of that place too. I saw ice bear down on the land and touched frozen cliff faces two miles high... far higher than the clouds.

Jonathon - You're a Lucid Wanderer. I get it. What is it you want to tell me? 

Boo-Kah-Lay-Nah - Millions will perish... Possibly billions. The Great Southern Fundiment ... The Great Southern Ice sheet dies. This is not a gradual eradication. Warm sea water invades from below. The ice begins to slide, gaining speed every day. And when it goes there shall be such a wave as humans have never seen. Cities will drown. Seacoasts will crumble, as Avalons by the thousands sink beneath the oceans.

Jonathon - Why tell me?

Boo-Kah-Lay-Nah - Don't flatter yourself, life-eater. I tell not only you, but others like you the world over. It is time to turn the tide, so to speak. It is time to 'neutralize' those who stand in our way.

Jonathon - And who would they be?

Boo-Kah-Lay-Nah - Nay sayers. Those who drown in gold. Those who stoke the flames. Those who kill the earth.

Jonathon - You mean business interests?... Certain business interests?

Boo-Kah-Lay-Nah - Nods. I mean cruel, contemptuous fools.

And then she studies the sea. Jonathon does too. How beautiful it looks under the silver moon.

Our spiritual seeker... our reverent vampire has found a purpose...

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