Sunday, May 24, 2015


For weeks this record has been in disarray. Voices and entities barge in, desperate to be heard. Do you know why they show up at this time? They do it because I am distracted. Last night was the Pentecost... and although I am 'burdened'.... although I am what many call 'vampire' I still believe with a most perfect faith. You've seen me hole up in my little chapel listening to cantorial after cantorial. I tremble. I whisper prayers. The eyes roll back in my head. And I am fulfilled... I am renewed. 

This is the Anniversary of The Revelation... the Sacred Morn when God called ALL. He did not speak to one, or small bands. He did not say - I will tell you and you tell others. He called every soul who at any point in history would believe to the Convocation At Sinai. Some recall every particle of The Experience. Others slowly forget. Some later remember and are what many might call 'converts,' but they are not that, for they were present at the beginning.... And so was I.

It is taught (and I have said this before) that The Exodus is a Betrothal and The Pentecost (Shevuot) is a Marriage. If you pay attention to the actual words, it sounds like a marriage ceremony... and the Ketubah (the writing)... the marriage contract that binds us everlasting is The Torah (The Bible). 

And these vows are renewed every year at this time, to keep the vows always fresh.... I love this day... We all 'heard' and we all said 'yes.'

Here's a little aside... You want to know why the dietary laws (kosher) are part of this? So that we should know this 'flesh' was called into existence by God. Although we may eat many creatures, we must be grateful and respect each and every one.... even those we do not eat.

Strange, that I, a vampire all these years, tell you such things. But I've been a believer even longer.  And I am not a penny dreadful night fiend. I am nothing like that. That's fiction. That's different. I am not merely an entertainment. I have a purpose... as we all do. 

You know yours. Even if you think you don't, you do. Sit quietly and think. You'll know. And even if your Pentecostal Observance differs from ours, who cares... We are all neighbors... There are no strangers... for we were strangers in Egypt and we learned that lesson well.

Love they neighbor as thyself.... It's been said that thus is the Faith, the rest is but commentary.

Please forgive me these moments. But vampires feel things deeply... more viscerally than you can know. ... When I cull the wicked, I do so in awe and reverence... Never doubt that..... Sometimes we fashion stories for your amusement. Sometimes we do that. But it's not real. It's not who we are.

Billy does a good job. He records everything for us. Sometimes he veers off, fashioning tales of his own. But all in all, he does well.

I am Jonathon ben Macabi... also known as Tomas de Macabea... and I appreciate this chance to address you.

Permit me my, nightly constitutional. Dawn comes early this time of year and I savor each and every moment under the stars. 

If you see me, please nod. I'll know it's you and I'll nod back.

< He exist the townhouse, locks the door, rounds the corner and disappears.>


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