Tuesday, May 5, 2015


This is one of 'my' nights. No one talks but me. Jonathon ben Macabi, a.k.a. Tomas de Macabea takes the reins tonight. And I am quite the accomplished 'horseman.' I had a white stallion, presented to my father by the Caliph himself. Bokar we named him...'Day Break' and we flew over the hills of Al Andalus like ginn. We owned other mounts. Our stables were large. But he was the prince, descended from a line going back to Damascus in what you call 'the seventh century.' We fed him special grain imported from Sicily, strains going back to the days of  old Roman latifundia. I miss him. His progeny survive as Lippazaners, though he, himself, was pure Arabian.

I digress. You see, vampires know many appetites. I hunger for many things. And after a fashion. I shall be true to Sarah. She is my 'vampirina.' There shall be no other. But I may know other mortal playthings. Indeed, I am with two now. I believe you know them, as they were mentioned last time we met. Sylvia and Aura... I am with the mole-king's daughters, deep beneath the streets of Center City in their kingdom of never used, dark and dusty subway tunnels. 

We tarry in a ruined water closet ( some stops had them back then ) on an old tiled floor, complete with drain, under a thin trickle from a leaky water pipe. It's cool down here, far away from the unusual, early May warmth. We bathe each other with large, natural sponges... an old passtime of ours. And I give them deep, langorous 'cat baths.' as only a vampire can. How flattering the orange candlelight. Like creatures from The Satyricon we are. ... I lapse into a low, barely audible growl. Vampirinos can do that... and they purr back... My two, mortal 'jugetes.'.... My 'toys.' .... Silver and Gold.... Sylvia and Aura.

Every large city has mole-folk. People find their way down into these dark, secret places for many reasons. Some never return to the surface, subsisting on fair of another kind. And in every metropolis vampires make common cause with them. 

Shhh.... They bathe me now. I feel each soft, brush, kiss and tickle as only a life-eater can.

So permit me my ease.

Come back tomorrow... The Vampire Wonderland will be here.

Now leave us to our pleasures.

Summer nights are short enough.


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