Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Meanwhile, while Baylah and Jonathon were out dispensing favors to poor homeless folks under the Boardwalk, the eternally conscious, Lucid Wanderer woman, known as Boo-Kah-Lay-Nah, sits on the beachfront terrace telling stories to the Red Paint guy and I forget who else. Someone gave her vodka, so she's very, very talkative...

Boo-Kah-Lay-Nah says - I am aware. I have always been aware. I remember every life I have ever lived. I start each as an infant. Some were short. Baby-death was an everyday occurrence back then. I died in wars... And please know 'war' was a very different thing. Death came from knives... disembowelment... beheadings...or arrows, or spears, or caustic, searing liquids... I think you get the idea. The whole thing was much more intimate. They grabbed little ones by their legs and smashed innocent brains against rough, stone walls.... A world without compassion. That's what we had... (she sighs and eats a little popcorn) Not that we have much compassion now.

From whence comes your first memory? - asks the Red Paint guy. The old woman thinks for a few heartbeats and says - Do you mean my fist human memory, or my first animal awareness?..... I hadn't considered - said Mister Red Paint... She chortled and passed him the popcorn... I lived through the hominid-human progression, you know and various other transformations before that. Earliest incarnations were primarily indistinct blurs... a bit of light... feeding... weightlessness in a warm sea. Imagine billions of years in a soup like that. You know there were lifeforms before The Coming Of The Moon? Simple algae-like things we were. Then 'Evil Auntie' came. That's how I think of her, that semi-formed world who did us all in. A Mars-like globe, she was and she killed everything that lived. No pain. Physical sensations were far in the future. But all that was just stopped. And if any 'knowing' form somehow witnessed the horrific cataclysm, the sight alone would have sent them shrieking into oblivion.... mega-tsunamis of molten lava and a sky made from crumbling rock. If you crave a taste, google The Movie Melancholia on You Tube. See? I have acquired a bit of your age. 

Do you know there were civilizations long before Kemet (Egypt) and Sumer.... long before the half formed city-states of Anatolia and Jericho? I know, for I was there.... Ulan-Kah-Nok they called it. Four hundred and fifty thousand souls, hard by the north shore of the Black Sea...terra cotta pipes, oil lamps, vast bazaars and medicinal unguents all the way from Central Asia. But the Great Flood cured all that. Oh, it's still there, far beneath the surface of the new Black Sea. They'll rediscover it. You'll see.

Then she cackled and coughed out something in Ulan-Kah-Noki, which in case you're interested, meant Children of the Sun.

Three minutes later, she fell asleep...

The Red Paint guy waved his hand in front of her face. She just snored. Then he gingerly took the popcorn bowl from her lap and finished it, there on a seaside terrace, under a midnight moon...

<more with Jonathon and Baylah next time>


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AntonioWestley said...

I really enjoyed the history behind Boo-Kah-Lay-Nah. That was a fascinating character with a lot to say. I always feed into these sort of historical characters that are everlasting. By the way shared it to my promo blog at AllTheeAbove on wordpress. Hopefully it can garner some attention with some of the traffic I get there daily!

Till Next Time Buddy!

Billy Kravitz said...

All hail Prince of Incandescent Artistry! We dream-scriveners salute thee and are deeply appreciative of your benevolent assistance. May the Eternal Truth envelop you with Radiance. ---selah And let all who see this harken to thy voice and #follow your stellar tweets.