Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Our Vampire, Jonathon, Meets The Mysterious, Red Paint Visitor... 6/2/15

The 'other one' appeared. Jonathon expected a vampire, or perhaps a Lucid Wanderer, but this one was different. A mortal, he looked just like a mortal. Maybe it was the smell more than his appearance. Vampires are excellent trackers. In some parts of Eastern Europe, captive vampires were used as scent hounds. Better than scent hounds they were. Traitors, heretics and criminals didn't stand a chance, since the vampire who found them was also their executioner. Nobles and warlords staged midnight banquets to watch the carnage. Powerful magnates were known to join the vampire-executioner and rip off bits of the heart for themselves and certain other honored guests. But that's another tale.

The newcomers sat in the darkened solarium, staring out at the stormy surf. Jonathon came in and quietly took a seat in a nearby club chair. Then the strange visitor spoke. He said - Lightning at sea is especially terrible, don't you think? No where to hide. Imagine a small, oaken ship fighting not only the waves, but fire from the sky as well. Pity the poor seaman, usually little more than a cabin boy, sent aloft to trim the sails. Sharks sense electricity, you know. It excites them. Lightning must be like a drug... or an appetizer. The ocean's full of ghosts, you know...... Do you speak from experience? - asked Jonathon..... The man just chuckled.... What should I call you? - said Jonathon.... Take your pick - said the man. Times change. Names change. Languages come and go. You know that, vampire. How goes the telepathy with you? What do you think? ..... Jonathon sampled the ether for a moment and said - Red Paint. You hail from The Red Paint People, yet not a Red Paint from The Pines. You don't have the look..... You mean the Captain Jean-Luc Picard look? - asked the visitor.... Jonathon nodded....You see, I can read your mind too - said the old, old soul. No, I come from another remnant, a small, hidden colony deep within a chill, south Greenland fjord..... And your name? - said Jonathon...... The man appraised him for a few heartbeats and said - Call me Nils, but know that we were there, on that icy coast eons before those herring eaters showed up.....

Am I going to kill someone tonight? - whispered Jonathon.....

What do you think? - said the visitor.

Then he got up, motioned for Jonathon to join him and together they went out into the storm. Vampires care little for weather. Apparently, this strain of Red Paint People is the same.

They walked, bent into the wind, for a few blocks, til they came to a large house, a meticulously maintained nineteen twenties, white stuccoed 'cottage.'.... The man said - He's in there. I believe your instincts are keen, vampire. You need no instructions from me. Am I right?.... Jonathon nodded and went straight to his task, sublimating through the wall and into an old fashioned cloak room. Then he passed through the entry hall, barely lit by a small table lamp and soundlessly made his way up the stairs...

A plutocrat would disappear and maybe the Earth would be better because of it....

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