Monday, June 15, 2015


I speak tonight. Jonathon speaks tonight. Not anyone else. I am still at the seashore. Baylah's mortal 'friend' has a laptop and he set it up for me to use. I know how to type, after a fashion. I can do that. 

It's been said, that Earth mirrors Heaven. You are worldly reflections of angels. And just as Those On High assume new duties four times each spiritual cycle, so too do you.... To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under Heaven. Well, the seasons are about to change. If you haven't done anything, do something now. It's time. On June 21st, the Earth sits balanced in space. And I know these things are but physical representations. But light reigns triumphant. Indeed, no 'day' can have more light. Let it shine in you. I am Jonathon and I am a life-eater. Most call me'vampire.' Most are wrong. You who've been with us since the beginning... and I speak of the beginning of this site, or 'blog' as it is called, know me. Yes, I have my vanities. But I am more than that. We are all more. Don't sell yourself short. Feel the light.

That's it. I'm done preaching... A Nazarite, a consecrated 'monk' I am not.... though sometimes I like to play that I am.

On June 21st I shall go out. I shall put on a clean white shirt, trim black jeans and bowing to the season, fine black driving slippers in place of my well known, black leather bootkins. I will go out and I will do good things. Maybe I'll wander the casinos giving hundred dollar bills to despondent losers? I'll show my fangs... Scare them a little, so they go home and not back out on the floor.

Will I 'cull' anyone? What do you care? Just so I don't cull you. 

Strange how songs stay in my mind. I know madrigals from the eleventh century and rock from last week. But 'old standards' are my favorite. Google Bing Crosby's TEMPTATION on You Tube... You'll see.

I think it's quite fitting for someone like me.

The Red Paint gentleman peeks over my shoulder. He's not too familiar with the 'web.' He studies every key stroke.

God, that makes me nervous. I think I'll trot out onto the beach and take a swim. Wee hour swims under a bright, cheesy moon are wonderful. 'Vampires' don't fear sharks, you know...

They fear us...

Good night.


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