Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Disney's "Pinocchio" - When You Wish Upon a Star <~~~ Our Vampire, Jonathon's Take On This .. 7/15/15

Don't be afraid to feel things. I see the public entertainments... the movies and joke tellers and television shows.  Your's is an era of latex suits and cruel, heartless jokes. Slap the other guy down before he slaps you. They claim they're breaking barriers in an effort to get to the truth. But mostly they're just breaking barriers. But sometimes fences allow the grass to grow.

I am a vampire and yet I feel things very deeply. I'll sit and stare at a pot the small garden behind our Philadelphia town house for hours. Moonlight makes everything beautiful. I'll share stories with the elferinos and elferinas... beautiful tales about knights and their ladies in Old Al Andalus. Chivalry, you know, began in The Caliphate of Cordoba, among aristocratic Muslim and Hebrew families in your ninth century and from there spread to colder lands. I remember those times. Fountains sprayed rosewater against the dry, Iberian heat. Traveling bards sang songs in MosArabique, a mescla (mixture) of Arabic and early Spanish that grew and matured into the classical Lingua de Andalucia we have today. I still know those songs and play them on the oud. Regular visitors to this... whatever it is, know that.  Listen, when it comes to 'vampires' you ain't never had a friend like me.

I picked that song from Pinocchio because our Billy (Kravitz) likes it. It's special to him. Pinocchio was his first movie. He was eighteen months old. His mother had to flip the seat up and hold him on the edge so he could see. I like Pinocchio too. It resonates with night-folk... 'real' humans... almost real 'artificial' humans. Indeed, some narrow minded, self-limiting mortal beings call elferinos 'Pinocchios.' But the elf-folk don't mind. they barely even notice.... Why?... Because they feel things. They taste the world and the life they live and savor it.

I run through the night with them. How quick and silent we are. It's all here, in the blog, I mean... Not this episode, but somewhere. He types it all out. Billy, I mean. Sometimes he doesn't even know he's doing it. I send it through him. Night- Folk- Puppetry we call it.  Some are true masters. I'm only fair to middling. 

Thing is, Billy has other stories too... that Mars one... the crooked bingo hall... The Little Match Boy... Marianne In Britches.. It's not all 'us.' And he works so hard. And he wants it so bad. ... I know a lot of you work hard and want 'it' too. The only trouble is you can wish on a million stars. But unless one of those 'stars' actually looks at your stuff, likes it and talks it up, ain't nothing gonna happen.

Sure, you say - Screw them big names. Who needs them?.. Like that's gonna work... What's that AMY SHUMER  girl doing? I see her name all over. Maybe she'll say something? 

Listen, Jiminy Cricket's a good singer, but he knows nothing about realizing our dreams...

And night-folk have them too.

Help each other. Retweet each other. Talk each other up. And if you know any big names... you know... be subtle, but push a little.

Now let me go do something with the elferinos and elferinas.


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