Monday, August 31, 2015

Sissel - Going Home<~~~ A FAVORITE AT VAMPIRE FUNERALS ..8/31/15

The vampire, Jonathon ben Macabi, also known as Tomas de Macabea speaks..... I hope they sing this at my funeral, whenever that may be. The song has been a stalwart of 'noble' life-eater passings for approximately a century. Before that, many used a passage from Mozart's Requium. I wish I could spell. But it's hard for me to pin down words, when I have spoken so many languages. And Vahmperigo spelling is so fluid. Some follow Catalan rules, others Portuguese or Spanish, or the Savoyard dialects of Northern Italy. It is all very confusing. But I speak from the heart... a heart that has been nourished with many lives. And if you know me (and a lot of you do know me) I tried always to cull only the bastards and scoundrels of the world. Were there lapses? A few. Though in a thousand years, so very few.

Now I prepare for the coming of The Biblical New Year... A time to 'die' and be 'born again.' In the past, believing Jews wore plain white garments to 'The Feast of Faith,' The Yom Kippur Service. They dressed as if for the grave... even shoes were white canvas or some such fabric. I still slip in for the evening portion of the liturgy whenever I can. There's an old 'Rite of Spain' (Sephardic rite synagogue) in Philadelphia and I love the ancient Castilian prayers. Sometimes the cantor confers with me on minute points of  authenticity. Does he know my true nature? Well, he never says. And I present myself as a student of religion... which in a sense, considering what I do... I am.

Sometimes, when I'm at the seashore, I pray by the moonlit surf. What better choir can there be than the song of the sea?

And in more traditional prayer sites, at the end of the observance comes The Clarion Call... the rams horn, just as it will sound on the Day of Judgment...'Stand and go forth! The Lord has raised you up!'... and the newly 'resurrected' go home for 'First Food' (the breaking of the fast) with family and friends.

Do you think it odd that a vampire relates this? Well, there are many reverent vampires of all communions. God takes all comers... even righteous atheists.

Forgive my ecclesiastical musings. But for one such as I, who in early times heard the blessed Maimonides himself, preach in The Great Synagogue of Cordoba, it comes natural.

I saw dried, fallen leaves under trees all over town this evening. Although summer's after glow lingers for a moon or two, the old year dies. And however you 'pray' may you and yours be inscribed in The Book of Life and called to Godly Service in the coming year.

God needs all of us......

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to keep the mood Kol Nidre (an eleven hundred year old prayer) on You Tube... and look for (yes its true) Barbra Streisand's Hebrew payers on You Tube as well. She does a great job.

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