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But before we get started... that #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocolypse looks SO cool. Bet Bill Meeker the movie guy's got something to say about it... Google him.

OK, NOW we can start---

No, wait... another thing... It's supposed to be a dull gray, rainy, October day tomorrow. I ducked out to the market so I'd be prepared. Got lots of chunky hot soup... some cold cuts... potato salad... cookies... crisp bread and lox and cream cheese..other stuff too. I forget... oh yeah, maple-brown sugar oatmeal and almond milk and a gallon of iced tea... and that IS all I can remember. Love when the place is all battened down and locked up... alarms on and all. Cozy, cozy, cozy. And some movie station is showing primo-cheesy horror movies. Not as good as what @IvonnaCadaver ... star of late night's Macabre Theater shows, but... what can I do? (anybody know a little magic?)... Ooooh, the trolls are projectile vomiting.. Love to have seen that casting call.

Now back to our show. Brought to you by PLAYTEX LIVING BRAS ( why some have been enjoying active vital lives since the 1950's)

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The Russian vampirina looked at Danny, sitting there in his t-shirt and briefs and said - Come, it's time that you see... She got up, stood by the doorway and gestured toward the darkness. He fell in and followed her. She moved fast. Lack of light meant nothing to her. He brushed his fingertips along the rough wall and hurried to keep up, occasionally encountering a 'house centipede' or some such thing, but that was to be expected.

Then the passage grew colder. They seemed to be spiraling down. The vampirina said - You may be blinded a bit. The chamber will have more light than you've become accustomed to. Quickly blink your eyes. It will go away. I, of course, am immune to such weaknesses..... Danny went - Uh huh.... He couldn't think of anything else. The whole atmosphere seemed to change, as if the ether itself subtly altered.

Twelve heartbeats later, he began to see the light, as a grey wash along the chill, rough surface. Then there was a sharp turn and they were there... a large, round space... stone walls .... perhaps fifteen feet high, lit buy flaming torches held in old, wrought iron fittings, mounted up, so as not to menace the 'people.' In the center was an opening, mirroring the shape of the room and surrounded by a low, stone barrier, just the right height for spectators to lean on.

Danny did have trouble seeing at first, but he soon grew used to the flickering torch light and the ten flames arranged around the perimeter gave off some warmth. They would have given off even more if hung lower, but the somewhat domed ceiling reflected the heat. For the first time in a while, Danny was warm.

The Russian vampirina-ballerina in her sooty tu-tu and Playtex Living Bra gestured toward the opening and said - Please, go. Look. See what comes next. He hesitated a bit then inched toward the barrier a few feet away, peeing down into a long, stone cylinder and its shadowy floor, seventy five feet below. At first it seemed there were only grey, dirty rags at the bottom, strewn about in haphazard piles. But then he saw something. Equally grey things moved about among the rags. The vampirina yelled - Show yourselves! .... And two naked, dirty girls crawled out, looking up through matted hair.

Who are they? - whispered Danny. Why did you take me here? Are you gonna throw me down there? I'll die. I'll die. The fall will kill me. Please don't kill me. You said you wouldn't. You said. I asked you after you killed Jerry and that singer girl.... He teared up... Please. You said.

The vampire woman, really a vampire girl, for she was quite young, no more than her early twenties, when they changed her, held up a hand to silence him. She said - Stop it. You make me reconsider my decision. Stop it.....

Danny just stood there. The vampire-dancer went on - I will keep my promise. Your light shall not go out. You will remain here, though I will perform a bit of transformative magic.... And on a visceral level he understood. So she embraced him, contorted his head, the better to find the artery and began to catch his blood, pumped out in great draughts. He swooned. She held him up, till the transfer was almost complete. Then laid him down upon the chill, stone floor, the better to finish the job. Over the course of the next few hours his blood and her blood would mingle. She took it in and gave it back, biting into her own wrist to create a font. He drank and was restored. A vampire? Not yet. Not till each and every cell of his body ceased it's reliance on normal sustenance and recognized the basic game change. But before that could happen something else had to take place and the pathetic females kept in the pit began to cry and moan. Indeed, it was their voices, or the echoes from them, he'd heard earlier.

The silver eyed being shambled in, accompanied by two other things, headless, squat, barrel chested drones, the stumps of their necks neatly sewn shut with black coarse thread. What manner of force kept them moving? They carried a long, thick, heavy rope. There was a hard, leather sleeve, ending in a large, brass hook at one end. The silver eyed being carefully affixed it to a stout, brass ring bolted to the edge of the barrier just over the side. Then they lowered the rope down to the bottom, seven stories below.

The vampirina said - Go. It is time for you to pass on your human line while some of your cells (and she chuckled) still swim..... She led him to the barrier. He looked down. The girls looked up. He said - You want me to climb to the bottom? I can't. I'll fall..... The vampirina known as Elaina Buchovina said - You will not. You have my blood too now and most importantly, my strength. Go. It's time.... He looked down at the naked, terrified girls and understood.

For eight or nine heartbeats he just stood there, watching his vulnerable prey....

And then he began to climb down...

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