Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Now I talk, the one he calls 'the Russian ballerina vampirina... the one known as Elaina Buchovina. Do you know I can barely read? I feel things. I intuit. But the letters of your western languages mean little to me and few books here are in my language. I have entered stores catering to expatriate Slavic community. Girl looks at me. Oh, she knows. She knows something. People in the eastern portion of the European continent are used to such things. Even now, in certain remote villages questionable corpses are 'pinned.' Long sharp needle goes through chest, just to left of breastbone and into heart. Sometimes questionable corpse is not completely corpse. But difference there is none. It will be corpse anyway, so pin goes in. True believers in old ways also thrust pins in eyes and tongue too. In that way, they believe, vampire does not rise.... Stupid helpless fools. Vampire, real vampire, always rises. What is pin to me?. Do you know how many times they stick me? I do not tell you. Humanity is as nothing to me. I pity them. Thick, plodding things they are.

Oh, you great Americans and the other ones, the Canadians, think you are so strong and modern. But you control nothing. Not even your own lives. You are serfs. You are as old peasant in my land was. Not farm serf. Work serf. Boss tell you when to sleep, when to wake, when to work, when to pee. If you do not like it. If you dance too slow, he get new puppet and your babies starve. Nature cries not for starving baby, or tortured baby or slaughtered baby. Do you want examples?

I help 'Danny.' I free him. I release him. Others I kill. His friends were garbage. The boy... the 'Jerry,' soil hisself. (giggles) He just go WHAAA! and then comes shit.. hot, stinking, watery shit. Foul aroma make me sick... so I twist till bone break and head pop off. Then I kick it and kick it and kick it.  Like little dance I do.  Singer girl garbage too. She cry. She go - Please! Please let me live! Oh God. Please! ... I pinch teat till blood come and say - Do you hear His approach? Do you think you live?... She sob. So I rip through throat with teeth and then she know she will not live. Her body I give to silver eye thing. He have use for it. (rolls eyes) I do not butt in.

Danny I liberate. Not work slave. Not human. Not weak. He free! He free! He see. He go. He kill. He take. Vampire not always happy. But vampire always proud.

I stay. I watch skin crack. I whisper. I kiss. I embrace. He whimper. They all whimper when skin go. Do you know how mortal peel from sunburn? Skin roll off. Flesh sweat. Meat raw. Well, this like that, but so much worse. All skin come off, not just top... all of it... every layer... down to oozing muscle. Some vampire give acolyte absinthe to deaden pain. But not me... not Russia girl... not vahmpiritza! What can harm him now? Pain is but distraction.

Now it is over. He rest. He sleep. I give him 'food.' I give him blood. I give him victim. And he drink. He drink. He drink it all. I clap. I go - Good. Good. Good... I stroke his body... his clean, white alabaster body covered in new, fine, vampire skin. Hair come later, but that will grow too.

I leave soon, a vagabond of the night. I go from this place, this ancient munition factory. Mini-balls they made here. Little bullets for old muskets. You see picture of Civil War? You see them... Pit is where they drop them... Molten lead fall to bottom. Splash in water. Few know what buildings are... But night-folk know. Not just vampire... all manner of night-folk.

What kind vampire Danny will be? Problem is his, not mine.... Do I make vampire everywhere? No, most places I just kill

Now, please, I must leave you to over see gathering up of things... Not much, but sentimental what-nots I cannot live without.

Perhaps I go back to Russia?

Or maybe I don't.

Fate is funny thing.... He who would be actor, plays another roll...

'Danny'... (sighs) Now let me go. Is time to kill the 'help.'

<more to come>


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