Friday, December 25, 2015


Jonathon, our vampire hero is back in the townhouse, sitting before the little hearth in his cozy library, lit only by the small, crackling fire and a small, 'China trade' table lamp ----

Readers sometimes ask me what I believe. Oh, I gloss on it all the time, but now I'll give you my 'tenants of the faith' so to speak.

I believe with a most perfect faith that the righteous of all groups will share in The World To Come.... When my time comes and even vampires face physical extinction... When I wait for my turn to climb Jacob's Ladder and face The Divine Presence.... old Mrs. Patel might go before me... Even if I speak up and say - But I have lived a reverent life. I've borne my burdens well (being night-folk and all) . Please let me ascend.... The angel will say - You will get your turn. This is hers.... And when that woman, the owner of a blameless, loving life sees God, she may very well say - Krishna? Is it You?..... And God will embrace her shining soul and say - Yes, It is I... For what would it serve Him to do any less?... I really believe that.... with a 'most perfect faith,' as I was taught to say. For besides all the varieties of Jews, whether Christian, Hasidic, Muslim, Reformed, or Orthodox, we will also meet the followers of Buddah, Hindus and sincere members of other faith families, not to mention souls from other worlds... And they have every right to make the climb. My faith gives me no priority. This might sound strange, coming from a vampire, but to me, it is merely the easiest way to be truly 'human.' ....... You know How bad I get 'Jerusalem Fever,' so please allow me a moment to compose myself....... Faith never dies. My 'translation' to this form changed nothing. I believed in - Love all Humanity ('thy neighbors' translation was an error) as thyself... and I believe in it now.... To judgmental souls who insist on  seeing 'strangers and outsiders' we say - Then do even more for them than one of your own, since they expect so very much less..... Charity? There was no such thing as charity, It is Zedakah. It is righteousness. It is sharing. It is natural and right. Souls knew their worth since Sinai and all may join the march.

I'm going to stop now, because I could go on for hours. Just know that at this spiritual time of year, it is incumbent on all to 'go and do good things.'..... And as they say in The Rocky Horror Show - Don't just dream it. Be it.

Well, that's how it is, or at least that's how I see it. If you follow a different path, but walk in a reverent and sincere manner, your journey is just as worthy as mine or anyone else's.

If you're familiar with the early part of my tale, you know that I, while still mortal, was almost killed with the Martyrs of Provencal during the First Crusade. They herded us into a synagogue, four hundred years old even then, and set it ablaze. Hundreds died. Had not a vampire walked the smoldering ruins, later that night and found me clinging to life, I would not be among you know.... But I am... And I have tried to do the best I can.

May this Season of Miracles be real for you... all of you.....

Who am I to tell you such things?..... I am Jonathon ben Macabi, also known as Tomas de Macabea. I am night-folk. I am vampire. And I believe with a most perfect faith.

What more can I say?

(He turns off the lamp and sits there staring at the fire)


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