Tuesday, January 19, 2016

DON HENLEY [Eagles] - THE HEART OF THE MATTER ... 1/19/16<~~ Glenn Frey passed this day

I am the disembodied spirit narrator known as Zebulon. Many know me from before. I was a thirteen year old boy stoned to death for consorting with Assyrian witches, or at least they said they were Assyrian witches. Stoning was very rarely used. I guess I was the lucky one.

Now to our tale~~~

Doctor Franklin called our reverent vampire friend. He had Jonathon's special number. Not many did... maybe a few high ranking 'familiars' and people like that. But Doctor Franklin was a special case. They'd known each other since the 1720's, when Franklin established The Junto. Was a vampire rare in a fraternal organization based on mutual assistance and scientific inquiry? Sure, but this was Old Philadelphia and before anything happened anywhere, everything happened here.

Anyway, Doctor Franklin had some information about those 'talking in tongues' children. It seems, unofficially, tests were done and each of them shared a certain set of genetic markers. That's all he said. But he wants to retest Jonathon too. And another thing, incase you're new to all this, Doctor Franklin is not a vampire, or in any way paranormal. He's preserved via regular 'harmonic' treatments and realignments on his Grand Armonica. If you're familiar with the naughty statesman, you'll know he carried out extensive sound wave investigations on various incarnations of 'armonicas' and 'grand armonicas' and all sorts of contraptions..... Some say he tapped into The Heavenly Choir itself. Sound is a very visceral thing.

That's why Glenn Frey's music was so basic to this 'age.' I think the song up above might owe more to Don Henley, but the basic 'vibe' is the same and what can you expect from me,  a two thousand year old Judean soul who used to run with Assyrian witches? My 'spirit' head STILL hurts where that first rock hit me.

I'll let you know what happens with Jonathon's genetic retesting and anything else I hear about those 'talking in tongues' kids.

Maybe Jonathon himself, or Doctor Franklin will chime in?

Sound is energy. It can break glass. It can give birth to symphonies. It can hurl curses. It can heal.

If you've ever cradled a purring cat you know that.

<more later>


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