Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Jonathon talks -------

After leaving Franklin's residence, I rode around on the subways all night, or for how many hours there were left. I like the subways. especially after midnight. You meet quite an eclectic assortment. Some of them quack like ducks. A few free spirits lower their drawers and go poop in the aisle. One guy, who I see every so often feeds sushi to the rats. Not that the subways are over run with them, but we do have a few regulars. Sushi Guy is very fastidious. Does it with chopsticks. Pinches a morsel from his little, take-out tray and holds it out where they can reach it. One comes over, sits up, begs with its paws a bit and takes it. Then the second one comes up. After that a third. There's only three. Toothless Mary says they're brothers. I asked her how she knew. She said - Well, don't they look alike?... Then made a 'boy are you a dope' face..... I shrugged. She wagged her finger at me. Sushi-Guy eats the rest of it himself, but with another set of chopsticks. The rats disappear fast. Some nights Hot-Dog-Guy is on and he always sits up front in the first car.

I see people having sex all the time. They usually sit in the corners. Must be Risky Business fans. I don't know. Sometimes I go up and down the aisle giving out twenty dollar bills. Street types just grab it, especially if they know me from before. Middleclass couples (they show up once in a while) go - That's alright. Are you sure?..... I nod. They take it and go 'thank you.'.....

But this night I just sit there looking at people and thinking about the video Doctor Franklin showed me. Is something happening? What does it mean? Speaking in tongues.... They're all speaking in tongues. Look, they all claim to be spiritual in ISIS and all the other groups like it. Does 'spiritual' always mean good? Does 'religion' always mean right? It can. It should. But what does that mean?.....

An old cleaning woman, going home after a long hard shift , asks me if I'm alright. I nod. She says - Don't worry. It'll get better...... I say - I know... We're about to have a conversation when a SEPTA cop gets on. Everybody shuts up when they get on. He gives us looks like we're dealing crack, or killing somebody. I sigh and read my free copy of the Metro Paper. The old cleaning woman hums a song. SEPTA (Southeast Pennsylvania Transit Authority) cop goes down the aisle and crosses to the next car..... The old lady and I smile at each other...... Two guys, look lie waiters, or bartenders, or something get on. Probably going home from an after hours place. But they look OK. Old lady should be alright with them,  so I get up and wait for the next stop, where I get out.

Before I do, she starts humming again... Not just humming, but sort of singing too.

I catch some of the words..... Just like in that video. She throws me a kiss, as the doors open and I step out onto the platform..

On the way home, I give my watch to a nurse's aide waiting for a bus. She doesn't want it at first, but I make 'vampire eyes' at her and she takes it.

Twenty two hundred dollar 'Tag' I think.

Seemed like the right thing to do...

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