Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Monster Mash & Oh Yeah.. PIG BLOOD ANNIE'S BACK .. 4/27/16

<continued from last time>

Jonathon said - I moved toward the entity, or rather my soul did.  My body continued to shake violently and tear apart, but not in any observable way. Tiny breaks and ruptures ripped through every cell. Blood oozed from my pores and from under my fingernails and toenails. Yet that didn't bother me, for I wasn't in that thing, but somewhere between 'it' and the cold, dead, terrible maw of the soul eater.

First I felt no pain. Then I didn't care. I didn't know. I couldn't focus... no longer in a lost urban tunnel, but speeding through an infinite darkness toward a huge, circular mouth and an ever more sinister darkness beyond....

I heard breathing... the raspy sound of labored breathing. A long, thin 'tongue' undulated out from that mouth and snaked its way toward my spirit face. I saw huge taste buds and ulcers shimmering under a white, sticky film.... It 'kissed' me. It licked my face. I retched, but how could I retch? I had no gut, not a real gut. I was only spirit... if 'only' is the right way to say it.

Then the tongue-thing wrapped itself around my head, covering my eyes and pulled me forward.... I screamed.. But how could I scream, for I had no voice-box?

And then I cried. Aura cried too. I heard her, for I was back in my body, reunited with my flesh and the born-witch, Pig Blood Annie stood over us both, her sloppy, gross body exposed by an old, unbuttoned 'house dress.' How she cackled, as she soaked us both in swine blood that shot from her mouth like hot, steaming, projectile vomit.

Seconds later she said something in an old witch language that was unknown to me and disappeared. Just like that, she snapped out of that time and place and went somewhere else.

I helped Aura get up. We felt our way through the darkness (the Sterno lights were gone) and went into a space that was once meant to  be a restroom, where we bathed each other in the weak dribbling stream from an old, overhead, broken pipe.

Neither of us said a word.

When we were ready, she went back to her people and I sublimated, moving through the city and passing through walls, an unseen wraith, lost on the wind, till I entered the townhouse.

Edith (the witchy-woman housekeeper) saw me climb the stairs. Though not a born-witch, she knows a lot...

Pig Blood Annie was back...

What was death, or the appearance of death, to a thing like her?

<more next time>


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