Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Brigadoon Title Song .DOCTOR FRANKLIN'S 'Baby Philadelphia'... 5/3/16

No one said a word. They sat and they looked, as the carriage took them through the streets of eighteenth century Philadelphia. The red brick sidewalks were thick with people. Young girls sold heather brought down from the forest meadows of Bucks County. Indians sold beadwork. Ladies of leisure stepped down from their own conveyances and were helped up the steps and into the very chic, Old City Tavern, which was much more than a mere tavern. Indeed, that's where the term 'Ladies Who Lunch' was coined. I believe Doctor Franklin himself wrote it in Poor Richard's Almanac.

Philadelphia Lawyers plied their trade from townhouse-offices fronting Washington Square. Crowds exited Wednesday matinees from theaters lining Chestnut Street and although our amazed refugees couldn't see it from their rarified seats, crowds also exited theaters two or three blocks to the north on Arch Street. Dulcimer players regaled appreciative throngs on various corners in return for copper and silver coins. Indeed, this was the premiere New World metropolis , north of Mexico City. In little more than a month, wealthier citizens would trade their town homes for the country resort of Germantown, or sylvan estates out to the west along the new Pennsylvania Turnpike.

And Doctor Franklin, in a sense, orchestrated the whole thing. Look, he did it in Real Philadelphia, so why not in this 'Baby Philadelphia?'

But Jonathon was the first to notice.... Doctor - he said - how is it we're able to be out and about in broad daylight with no ill effects?..... Harmonics, my boy - answered Franklin. You know the basics. We've experimented with it before. Every street lamp contains a small oscillator, not out in the open, but hidden in the iron poles. They vibrate with a specially tuned frequency forming a net, if you will, over the city. Step out of the city and all bets are off..... Sarah thought for a moment and asked - How is that possible? I thought 'science' had nothing to do with this. I thought we were products of a vast, universal, spiritual construct. That's what Jonathon says..... And maybe he's right - said the Doctor. But perhaps 'God' shares his recipe? All I know is it works.

Where did all these bastids come from? How'd you get all the people? - asked Little Annie.... Most were here when I found them, already speaking what was more or less English, already living what we would call an eighteenth century life - said the Doctor....Is this part of a whole planet, or what? - asked Conrad..... Truthfully, I don't know. I've only been a few miles beyond the city limits. Seen a few Indians. The people talk of a mother land across the sea. The docks are active. But I don't know - answered Franklin..... Where are we? - asked Jonathon.... Another dimension, I'd say another dimension, whatever that means. You know, they're like frequencies on a radio dial. That's all they are - said Franklin. But you're safe here. That born-witch creature can't touch you..... I hope - went Edith......

They rode on a ways in silence, till Edith said - Jesus Christ! Where the hell is Billy?!... Little Annie laughed. She thought it was funny.... No one else did.

Though back in our dimension, Pig Blood Annie, the born-witch, knew exactly where he was...

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