Wednesday, May 25, 2016



When Pig Blood Annie's mother's water broke, what came out was pig blood and it came out in torrents, till the root cellar of the shotgun shack was fill up to the canned tomatoes and pickled brassieres. Mama-woman look at the dark, red flood an' grins. She say - Hey, baby-girl, where you be?... Then she start slidin' her feet through the qsteamin' gore like she feelin' for clams, or sand crabs. Goes real slow. Don't wanna miss nothin'. Ain't no tellin' how big a born-witch is when it come out. Some are like little lima beans, but with a mouth full a tiny sharp teeth and small, beady red, red eyes. They got itty-bitty, sharp fingered hands (not arms.. just hands) bustin' out a that lima bean skin, which they use to dig in and climb up mama-born-witch's belly to nurse. Some nurse wherever they want. All it gotta do is bite through the skin and draw out some blood. But that only the lima bean kind.

Pig Blood Annie something different. She was more dramatic like. Come out like a little, white squiggly worm (tapered at both ends, so head and butt look the same). Don't know where mama get all that extra blood. She like drama too. Once fought a salt water crocodile over some water buffalo. She also a communist, but that not part a the story.

Annie rise up out a that pig blood like steam off a bludgeoned Christmas ham.
She not all filled out like her normal self. She more narrow and flaccid. You know, flabby and skinny at the same time. Born-witches ain't fussy that way. Mama take one look at her and go - Pig Blood! I gonna name you Pig Blood! ... Just then the radio go on. She keep a cheap little, wood cabinet table model down there to keep her company when she canning stuff or skinnin' enemies. Guess her witch aura set it off. Opera music come out. Lady warblin' like she bein' tickled to death. Mama know that voice. It Antoinette  Farinella, famous Italy singin' lady. She listen for a few seconds and go - 'Antoinette, I gone name you 'Antoinette,' NO, not 'Antoinette.' I gone name you 'Annie.' PIG BLOOD ANNIE! That is who you are! ..... The newborn, mouths the words.... Mama say - Come upstairs. I gone take you outside and hose you down, me too maybe. Gotta get you fed and all nursed up... So she leads the witchy-baby-lady-human thing (say it fast) up the old, wood steps, turns 'round and belches (the blood-flood gets sucked down into the dirt floor. Then she belch again (light goes out... radio fades). All is dark.

We see a rickety house, in a little forest clearing, under the soft, silvery light of a high, full moon. A lamp burns in an upstairs window. We pull in close and peek inside. A cleaned up Mama tucks a cleaned up Pig Blood Annie under an old quilt. Then she takes a moldering, brown-yellow skull from a drawer and puts it on the night table. The newborn witch watches.... Mama says - Here, Chester will keep you company..... Newborn witch looks at Chester's smiling face. Mama says - Good night. Then she turns down the lamp and leaves.

A pack of wolves slinks into the clearing and sits beneath the window. The alpha turns and studies the camera. Then he stands up, walks toward us and morphs into a man, who says - And that's how Pig Blood Annie came to be.... After that he walks passed us and disappears ...

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