Thursday, June 16, 2016


Now elferinos and elferinas often wear black. They do this not for any morbid, vampire reason, but rather because it affords them a kind of invisibility. Think about it. How many times have you been driving around town only to have someone in a black hoodie suddenly materialize out of the shadows. You jam down on the breaks and they just keep going. They don't speed up. They don't slow down. They just glide on, ultimately disappearing into a new set of shadows. ...

Shadows are magic. Darkness is magic. Black attire is magic. Elfin folk know this. They can rise up from the street and fly about the city unseen, floating along just above the trees. They like streets with trees. Night-folk know the dryads (forest spirits) and the dryads know them.... both essentially refugees in our modern world. And tonight the elferinos and elferinas let me fly with them , as their guest. It felt so mysterious. Magic flight is not like bird flight. Birds 'swim' through the air, as fish do in the sea. They are upheld by it, their wings, as sails.

Magic flight is different. We streak along because we will it so... thought made manifest. And when I speak of 'we.' I mean 'them,' the elferinos and elferinas. I am merely the mortal who records this all for them. You see me on Twitter and other places too. You think I just write this. You think it's all 'fiction. Well, OK. If that suits you. But scroll back to our very first episode. I believe it appeared on the Ides of August, 2010. Look to the first line. You'll see.

So now I fly with the night-folk.... and share their 'kit'. We wear black jeans, long sleeved, black t-shirts and all the rest of it. They flit down to take sharp, little drinks from pedestrians out for a late evening stroll. Cities aren't formal places anymore, especially quiet, residential districts frequented by twenty and thirty-somethings.... Bare legs in shorts... bare arms.. necks... shoulders. How fast they are, the elfin-folk, I mean. The salty tang of skin after a run, sauce for the blood under the surface. People slapped at mosquitoes and other tiny vampires, never suspecting the true culprits. I'm told the blood donors seem to freeze for a few heartbeats, not moving till the deed is done. That's why elferinos and elferinos always feed in twosomes, threesomes, or foursomes. No use one person freezing, while others look on. I stay up by the treetops, watching from above.

Unlike 'true' vampires, they rarely kill their victims, preferring to take some from all, rather than all from some.

But they can kill....

Next time I'll show you how....

(with that they all gather, up above the trees and swarm off to dance on Fairmount Park meadows, 'neath a smiling, almost midsummer's moon.)

<more to come>


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  1. it suggests to "search" for your first posting on site however I dont see a "search" / "archive" button on your site. Stay Awesome! RW


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