Sunday, June 5, 2016

Luciano Pavarotti- Nessun Dorma -Traditional Vampire Wedding Song, English subtitles

Jonathon speaks ~~~~

I am locked in this place, this world, this creation of Doctor Franklin, far away from all I know. Who knows how far?

Behold the glorious menagerie of 'Baby Philadelphia,' where all are controlled, ostensibly for our own good... even vampires.

I sit in my room (Franklin's official house is a very commodious place) and think. If this moon is the real moon, it shines through my window and puddles on the gleaming, hardwood floor.

Franklin knows I like music and has provided me with some ancient recordings. One, NESSUN DORMA, is very special to me and since the 1920's to night folk in general. An old, wind-up, 'Victrola' plays in the dark corner. I listen, as Enrico Caruso sings.

I believe the version available to you is by another master, but it has English subtitles and they will explain a lot. Please listen.

Nessun Dorma means 'no one sleeps,' or 'none are sleeping.' From our vampiric viewpoint it tells the story of a love sick vampirino desperate to bring his mortal enamoratta over into darkness.... You may not know, but vampires usually 'marry' just before the dawn, affording the mortal partner a last glimpse of the gray sky before sunrise. And even though the fiery orb 'kills' the night, the vampire wins, for he takes his love.... There were other arias before this one, but since it was written almost one hundred years ago, this one is special. Choirs sing it at formal night-folk nuptials. I witnessed one such affair in Montreal almost seventy years ago, a beautiful candlelit ceremony in an old, stone chapel. Faith never dies. We take it with us. Old friends of our tale know that.

When Sarah and I united, circumstances were much less structured.

Some sing the song at vampire passings too. It plays a role in PHILADELPHIA AFTER DARK, the screenplay written prior to this blog and in many ways the inspiration for it... In that telling my name is 'Thomas' and I am Scots, another old and venerable people..... One night we'll post scenes here. I know we've said that before, but one night we will.....

I hope I'm there with you to see it....

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

The music stops. Jonathon just sits there in a chair by the bed, as we hear the empty hiss of the old, felt turn-table spinning and spinning and spinning.....


<more next time>

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