Sunday, August 7, 2016


Many of you already know the tale. A redeemer, a savior, a deliverer, infused with The Spirit of The Lord steps down from greatness and rises to glory.

It happened in Kemet, a storied realm the Greeks called Egypt.

I need not detail the whole story, for it is pivotal to the scriptures of Jews, Christians and Muslims. Almost four billion of you grew up with it. But certain details you do not know.

When Prince Meses, scion of the Court of Ramses the Great, heard the call, he said - Why me, Lord? .... And The Lord said - If a simple man did this thing, there are those who'd say he did it in and of himself so that he might become a great leader. But when you do this thing they will know you were already numbered among the great and might have ruled The Mother of All Rivers, the islands of The Inland Sea and glittering Cities of Trade beyond number. They will know you did not do this thing for yourself. They will know you did it for Me.

So Prince Meses walked down from his place by The Alabaster Throne and redeemed The Believers. But know this, oh ye best beloveds, those who believed were not just The Children of Jacob, for a mixed multitude went out from the land. Kemet was a vast place and among her people lived colonies of sojourners from across the world. When The Children of Jacob left souls from Kemet and Punt and Crete and Canaan and all the nations round about went with them. Thus it was done.

Now among the king's necromancers was a vampire and his vampire wife. They felt the message too. Indeed, on the Night of Deliverance they were among the first to knock on Moses' door, requesting their place in The Exodus. The Redeemer said - How will you do this? We march toward the wilderness, a dry and sun-baked land. The light will surely destroy you... The night-folk couple said - Dress us in heavy robes. Shroud our hands. Cover our feet with thick, felt boots. Hide us under hoods and veils. We will walk with you and we shall not tire.

Moses knew little of night-folk ways. He tarried not with the necromancers and magicians. But he recognized something in them and knew they were sincere, so they went. Night-folk need God too.

And they Passed Through the Waters. And they tasted the manna. They stood in The Assembly at Sinai and said 'yes' to The Lord.

Were they the first 'noble' vampires? No, there were others. But they were the first to take vows. They were the first to promise. They were the first to 'cull the wicked and protect the worthy.'

And that's how it started. That's when vampires first said words of sanctification.

That Faithful Couple is no longer with us.

But we thought you'd like to know.

Tomorrow we visit the place that passes for 'Baby Philadelphia.'

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