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A continuation of last night's post ~

Doctor Franklin and the 'Lady' Cressida passed through the finely appointed lobby and entered an elevator. No one so much as glanced at them. An over done 'grand dam' of an older woman laughed at a joke. People returned from the theater, or a late dinner, or Labor Day festivities. A harpist in a long sleeved, fitted black gown, quietly played selections from Sweeney Todd. Vampires, even new ones can remain unnoticed. It's an instinctive thing. Maybe it's telepathic, or simply a look, or a stance, but they have it.

And they exited at the sixth floor, silently gliding down a richly carpeted hallway, passed framed and matted black and white photographs of belle epoque Philadelphia. One picture caught the Doctor's attention and he momentarily stopped... a trim, attractive dandy sitting on a bench and tipping his hat toward the camera. The dandy was Jonathon... A coincidence? An omen? Who knew? Doctor Franklin quietly chuckled. Cressida barely noticed. They went on.

A six paneled, dark, varnished door at the end of the hallway opened. Franklin entered first, his young companion followed. A tweedy 'Miss Hathaway' woman closed the door. Three mature gentlemen attired in dark suits shared a sofa. The one in the middle stroked a small King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. The dog wore tortoise shell spectacles. His human nodded, gestured toward two Louis XV chairs and said - Please, be seated. They sat down.

Franklin said - The glasses, are they real, or merely an affectation?.... Oh, quite real - said the gentlemen. We're planning on reshaping her corneas, but must wait till she stops growing. Vetting physicians now, or at least she is..... The Miss Hathaway type woman smiled, sort of.... Then the gentlemen continued - I believe you know Senor de la Vega and Mister Rush?.... The right hand old man and the left hand old man both nodded. Franklin nodded back.... The dog lover went on - Who's the girl?.... A colleague, a new vampire, as am I - said Franklin.... Yes, I heard - said the dog lover, whose name was French, by the way. What changed your mind?  I thought you were a staunch mortalist?..... I still am, but my health did that. Harmonics didn't cut it anymore, at least not for me. Got me to three hundred plus. Not a bad run. And death doesn't suit me, so I agreed to this.... Nor us either - said French. We plan to go with complete cerebral download. The Japanese are experimenting with our robotic bodies right now..... I'm getting Tyrone Power - said de la Vega... I'm going for Miss Greer Garson - said Rush... Oh? - went Franklin. A clean break, is it?... Yes - said Rush. I figure this is the perfect opportunity. Always liked her. Mrs. Miniver is a favorite of mine..... And you, French, who will you be? - asked Franklin.... Moe, from The Three Stooges - went the dog lover. Don't be funny. You know how private I am. And you? Have you killed anybody yet?..... Please, Mr. French, you know how private I am. But I do have an idea... The three uber billionaires glanced up.... Everyone appreciates a good world domination plan.

Go on, please - said Mr. Rush. Is this something that can be achieved before we translate into the silicon state?..... Well, I can't guarantee that, but we will be able to accomplish a lot - said Franklin. Can you trust the bodyguards?..... They're in the little bedroom playing cards - said French. So if you don't shout we should be alright. Can we trust your little girlfriend?..... Cressida won't betray us. Who could she tell, Star Magazine?.... Cressida rolled her eyes.... Why did you bring her? - asked Senor de la Vega.... Let's just say that she has ties in two worlds. You'll find out.

Then he moved his chair closer to the sofa. They all leaned in, as he began to whisper...

Most little people, the world over, are simple minded, self limiting, superstitious cattle. They live the same lives generation after generation and then blame some 'other' group for their own truncated existence.
They follow coarse exploitive dictators, or elected officials who mirror their own shortcomings. If we can get them to hate and mistrust those fearless leaders we create chaos. You've seen old movies. You've seen the peasants storm the castle with torches and pitchforks. This is that, but on a bigger scale.

And how do you plan to cause this hate and mistrust? - asked French.... Turn them into vampires - said Franklin. They can't be seen in daylight. They can't break bread with fellow rulers. Rumors will get out. Secret videos will appear on line. Clergymen, our clergymen, will issue warnings. A riot here. A riot there. Will the army rebel? Will the army stay loyal to their satanic leader? Can you imagine what would happen in the Middle East? In Russia? In Latin America? India? Africa? Even here. Even Western Europe. Everywhere. China might survive. They're used to cloistered, remote leaders, but I can think of few other places. Can you imagine a vampire pope? Look, now that I'm 'in the business,' so to speak, let me put together a little group. Give me a month or two...
The three mature gentlemen grumbled a bit, but soon everyone was shaking hands. Franklin's wanted to be president since seventeen eighty seven and now he almost could.

The Miss Hathaway look alike secretary sat on a small, upholstered bench pretending not to hear. And they really didn't want to do it, but they forgot about her, so there was no other choice.

Franklin had to feed on her. She whimpered and cried. The three mature gentlemen enjoyed the show. Even the little dog in glasses watched attentively.  After all, she was only an executive assistant.... quite replaceable and not important in any way.

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