Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Cressida's rant ~

She glares at Doctor Franklin. Even in silence, his look is judgmental and accusatory. They sit in 'the residence,' his rustic private quarters within 'the annex.'

Cressida - What the hell do I care what you want. I'm not a piece of equipment. You think I'm going to kill people because you tell me to? Go to hell. I hope you burn and go to hell. I'll kill who I want to kill. And you know what? I don't CARE who I kill. That's the kind of vampire I am. Why should I care? I lived underground. My people lived underground. They didn't want us. Those bastards walk by homeless people all the time. They ignored my humanity and the humanity of everyone I cared about. So don't tell me who to kill.  We're not all crazy. They like to say that. Makes it easier for them. I went with you. I saw those 'powerful' people. I sat there. I didn't say a word. You thought I bought the whole thing. 

Doctor Franklin - I thought you understood.

Cressida - Think whatever you want. I don't care what you thing. You want me out of here? Who cares? I'm hardly ever here, you bastard. You know why I played dumb? You know why I came here and stayed quiet? I had to learn. I had to learn EVERYTHING. I had to learn how to sublimate. You're right. It is the most important thing. It's freedom. It's power. (in a quiet, controlled voice) And I can do that now. I'm a natural. They all say I'm a natural....

With that she instantly seems to disappear and reappears behind Doctor Franklin's twig chair.....

CRESSIDA - You see? (blows in his ear... he flinches... she laughs... she leans on the back of the chair) I could have destroyed you. I could have sublimated right through you. My 'aura' is stronger. I could have torn through your body and ripped you to shreds. Liquefied you. You know how it is. You saw. You saw when we practiced on the prisoners. You watched everything. Who's idea was it to shoot them up with muscle relaxers? Who's idea was it to paralyze them? Yours? ..... (he doesn't move).. What'd you do, just grab them off the street?

Franklin - No, the police supplied them. They make people disappear all the time.

CRESSIDA - Some of those 'people' were kids...

FRANLLIN - (shrugs) Some were criminals...

CRESSIDA - What are we?... You know where I was last night? I killed somebody. I sublimated out of here and I killed somebody... an old man. He had a souvenir shop, a real nice little, Pocono Mountain souvenir shop. Had a little cat too. Such a cozy place. The cat watched the whole thing. Licked up the grease after.... He wanted to close up. Wanted his can of Dinty Moore Beef Stew. Lived in the back. Wanted to see his reruns of Match Game '78. I pretended to browse... little varnished cedar boxes... books about the area... t-shirts.... stuffed chipmunks. Bit the back of his neck... crushed right through the vertebrae... snapped the spinal cord....makes them more pliable... like you and your muscle relaxer... Maybe the cat inspired me?... I don't know... but I got down on the floor and carefully nipped into his scalp, right on the top of his bare, pink pate... the cat was intrigued... Then after incising a pattern of similar cuts from ear to ear... and you know these were deep cuts. I am a vampire after all.... Peeled his scalp, the front half, I mean, down over his eyes. I don't know why I did it. Guess I'm just creative that way.. He whimpered. Sounded like he was singing. Sang all the while I drank his blood... almost. Then he stopped... Death will do that. He ignited into that 'cool' blue flame, like they all do and disappeared. Burnt right up. Cat meowed a little. I took a nice, little varnished wood box. Then the cat tip-toed over to lick up the mess and I left. Just another case of spontaneous human combustion. That's what the local paper will say. That's what they always say... A lot of that going 'round.

Franklin didn't say a word.

She took a bottle of vodka from the carved, oak bar and left.

He exhaled and cried.

That girl was gonna be trouble...

<more next time>


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